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Derek, oh Derek

It seems that every day that passes the sports commentators and the blog fans get into an even greater frenzy over the future of Browns QB Derek Anderson. At least everyone now seems to agree that Quinn has to be the starter this coming season. But what do we do with Anderson? And what is the impact of having released the 3rd and 4th string QBs, Dorsey and Gradkowski? We should not get bogged down in discussing Anderson's bonus due next month. It has to get paid, period. Matthew Stafford of Georgia and Mark Sanchez of Southern California are expected to be the two top QBs in the upcoming Draft, but although there are several good passers available in this year's draft, there are also several pro teams looking for a QB that can make an immediate contribution including the Jets, Chiefs, 49ers, Lions, Vikings and the Bucs. Matching a QB with a team is not a science. That applies not only to draft picks but also to trades. The most recent rumblings coming out of Indy are that the Bucs are seriously interested in Anderson for a 3rd round draft pick. This offends many Browns fans. It shouldn't. When you roll the dice you sometimes get burned. Anderson has great physical talent starting with above average arm strength. But his mental talent is nil. He has very little knowledge of offensive and defensive schemes. He makes too many mistakes. Parcells opined at this time last year that Anderson was not worth a 1st round draft pick (not just the number one pick overall, but no first round pick), and that was before Anderson's debacle and on the heels of his Pro Bowl appearence. So to think that the Browns could do any better than a late 2nd round draft pick for Anderson now would be dreaming. THE BROWNS SHOULD MOVE NOW ON ANDERSON - RIGHT BEFORE THE DRAFT IS WHEN HIS VALUE WILL BE AT ITS HIGHEST. The Browns should focus on two teams - the Bucs and the Jets. Both those teams are getting desperate for a QB. Both those teams are starting to realize that Stafford and Sanchez cannot make big contributions immediately as they are both juniors (unlike a guy like Flacco). Both those teams need a QB with a rocket arm who is experienced and not too old - that's Anderson. Forget about the Vikings as Anderson is not accurate enough in short passes to be attractive there in an offense that is becoming more and more west-coast style. Forget about the Chiefs and the 49ers as they really have not shown any interest. Forget about the Lions as they are too stubborn to know the limitations of Stafford and Sanchez and thus will pick one of them as their saviour. Try to trade Anderson to the Bucs or the Jets for a second round draft pick. Both of those teams just might bite. Then what do we do to back-up Quinn? Sign a veteran quarterback after Anderson is dealt. Not Kerry Collins of Tennessee because he is too old and would be too expensive in 2009. Not Jeff Garcia. Take a chance and consider signing Rex Grossman of Chicago. He has warts and is rather unorthodox, but he has proven that he can lead a team deep into the playoffs and can jump into an injury situation rather seemlessly. The lot is not great right now for veteran quarterbacks, but he's the best of the bunch to fill a back-up and somewhat mentoring role behind Quinn. Just my two cents...

Go Browns!


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