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Brian Orakpo vs. Aaron Curry

It now appears to be a realistic possibility that the Detroit Lions will not take a QB as their number one pick overall in the upcoming College Draft but will instead go with Offensive Tackle Jason Smith of Baylor. If the Browns keep our number five pick overall, then a question being posed by many is whether Wake Forest Linebacker Aaron Curry will still be available for us to select; the answer is almost certainly no. Scott Pioli and the Kansas City Chiefs will take Curry as the number three pick overall. That would probably result in the Browns picking Brian Orakpo, Texas Defensive End, if we keep our number five overall selection.
Some are disappointed at the prospect of losing out on Curry. Unquestionably, he impressed everyone at the recent Combine in Indy. But the tale of the tape shows that Orakpo is every bit as good as Curry and in fact fits our specific pass rush needs better than Curry. Look at the numbers.
Last season
Curry - 99 (7.62 per game over 13 games played)
Orakpo - 37 (4.11 per game as Orakpo played just 9 games due to a knee injury)
Tackles for Loss
Curry - 13.5 (1.04 per game)
Orakpo - (1 per game)
Curry - 3 (0.23 per game)
Orakpo - 5.5 (0.61 per game)
QB Pressures
Curry - 4 (0.31 per game)
Orakpo - 12 (1.33 per game)
Curry - 2 forced fumbles and 4 interceptions
Orakpo - 1 forced fumble and nil interceptions
40-yard dash
Curry - 4.52
Orakpo - 4.63
20-yard dash
Curry - 2.58
Orakpo - 2.66
10-yard dash
Curry - 1.53
Orakpo - 1.58
ESSENTIALLY A TIE as most experts will tell you that 0.05 seconds difference is irrelevant
Bench Reps
Curry - 25
Orakpo - 31
What this shows is that Orakpo can certainly hold his own with Curry. Curry is a better open field tackler, but is that really what we need in Cleveland? What we need more than that is pass rush - and Orakpo's stats and strength prove that he is the better choice to fill that specific need. The lingering doubt about Orakpo has been his proneness to injury as he sustained a knee injury at Texas causing him to miss some games, and he pulled his hamstring at the Combine causing him to miss some of the drills. As long as the Browns are satisfied from his workouts since Indy that Orakpo is healthy, we are not disappointed one bit at the prospect of having Orakpo over Curry.
Go Browns!
Devo's Cleveland Browns


  1. Good effort on the analysis. They're close - and you can't pass up Orakpo's vertical leap (close to 40" - that's tough to believe). He used to be a basketball player.

    I'm bigger on the Browns getting Curry, but if they land Orakpo, I'm still going to be pumped. Both of them have crazy work ethics, which is hugely valuable, provided you have the physical gifts in the first place.

  2. love to come back and read stuff like this a year later...
    bet you brown fans wish you picked Orakpo instead huh? lol...u never know with players in the draft on how they are gonna play in the nfl.

    i love "rak" here in d.c.