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Goodbye Joey Jurevicius

The Browns are parting ways with fan favourite wide receiver Joe Jurevicius. Other commentators will debate the wisdom of this move, but nobody can debate the passion that Joe had for our Team.

Joe was born in Cleveland. Even while playing for three other teams before coming home, he never made any secret of his fondness for the Browns. He was as a child a loyal Browns fan.

Joe is almost six and a half feet tall and weighs about 230 pounds. He is 34 years old. He was first drafted by the New York Giants. He played in the Super Bowl loss that the Giants suffered at the hands of the Ravens. That was his first of three Super Bowls. His second came as a Tampa Bay Buc in which he was a major factor in Tampa's victory. His third was with the Seattle Seahawks in a loss to the Steelers.

After Seattle, Joey came back to Ohio with the Browns. He had a stellar year in 2007. That season Joe was third overall in the league in catching passes on third down. He was particularly valuable on third and long yardage situations.

But 2008 brought disappointment. A staph infection in his knee led to complications and several surgeries. He never played a game last year which is depressing for any player never mind someone in his twilight playing days.

Joey was loved by many faithful Browns fans because of his roots, his spirit for the Team, his performance in 2007 as the home-boy and the fact that he overcame great personal tragedy. His infant son died of a disease, and Joe dedicates every touchdown to his son by either pointing to the air or throwing the ball to the sky. A class act.

We thank Joe for his contribution to the Browns, and we wish him well in his future both on and off the field.

Go Browns!

Devo's Cleveland Browns

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