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Browns Still Looking for More Depth at the Receiver Position

The Cleveland Browns scored two good receiver prospects in the Draft with Ohio State Buckeye Brian Robiskie and Georgia Bulldog Mohamed Massaquoi. But we still need more depth and professional experience at the receiver position given the loss of Winslow, Joey J., and the potential loss of Stallworth given his legal troubles. There remains as well the ongoing Braylon Edwards debate.
It is likely that the Browns will try to pick up one or two more receivers with pro experience before the season starts.
Cleveland has expressed a desire to workout free agent Drew Bennett. Bennett has played eight years in the NFL. He is 30 years old, and we know that healthy receivers can continue to be impact players beyond turning 30. Drew has good size - nice and tall at six feet five inches but fairly lanky at just under 200 pounds. He played his college football at UCLA.
Bennett played six years for the Tenessee Titans between 2001 and 2006. He was with the St. Louis Rams the past two seasons. Over his career, Drew has amassed 307 receptions, 4412 total yards (an average of 14.4 yards per catch) and 28 touchdowns. He has fumbled the football six times. Bennett had a splendid year in 2004 for the Titans: he started all 16 games and tallied 80 receptions, 1247 yards and 11 touchdowns. Since then, however, his number of receptions, total yards and touchdowns have consistently declined year to year.
Having said that, we believe that Drew can still contribute in a meaningful way to the Browns' receiver core. Even though he played just one game last season, he still has the ability to play in every or nearly every game although likely not as a starter. In 2007, for example, he played in 14 games for the Rams (16 games for the Titans in 2006). Second, Drew still has the ability to put up decent reception numbers. For example, he caught the ball 33 times for 375 yards and 3 touchdowns just two seasons ago in 2007 with the Rams. Third, any loss of motor due to his age can be compensated for in part by his height and running him in routes that do not require sprint speed down the sidelines.
Drew Bennett is worth a look.
Go Browns!
Devo's Cleveland Browns

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