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Gear Up Those Cutler Trade Talks Again

The Denver Broncos have officially announced that they will grant Cutler his wish and start soliciting serious trade offers for the Pro Bowl quarterback.
The Broncos will need to secure a package that includes a starting QB for Cutler because Chris Simms is the only other decent QB on their roster.
The five leading teams in the mix for a Cutler trade are the Lions, Jets, 49ers, Bucs and Redskins. The Browns are on the outside looking in along with several other teams.
The price for Cutler will be high: no less than two first round draft picks.
On the one hand, it makes little sense for the Browns to be a serious contender for Cutler given the ongoing QB competition already between a 2007 first-round draft pick (Brady Quinn) and a 2007 Pro Bowler with a similar skill set as Cutler (Derek Anderson). The only way Cleveland makes this deal is if Mangini decides that Cutler is clearly better than either Quinn or Anderson, and the Browns get involved in a three-way deal where they send either Quinn or Anderson to Denver. If that happens, the new regime in Denver may be more interested in Quinn because head coach Josh McDaniels is very familiar with the systems that Charlie Weis employs; and Brady played in those systems at Notre Dame.
We frowned on acquiring Cutler long ago when the trade rumours first surfaced, and we have seen nothing since to change our opinion. We support the open QB competition between Quinn and Anderson. Whoever wins will be a better starting QB as a result of it. Jay Cutler has a rocket arm that impresses on tape, but we know with Anderson that arm strength is not everything. Cutler has some experience, but we do not consider him to be one of the premiere QBs in the league. We would place him in the top 10, but just barely. Last season, Brady Quinn played pretty well relative to Cutler in that NFL Network game that the Browns should have won. Further, Cutler's price is too rich, and his ego is overinflated. The way that the Broncos handled the situation was not ideal, however, Cutler handled it equally bad. He is now viewed in many circles as your typical cry-baby. That may not be totally deserved, but labels count in this business.
We think, on balance, the Browns should pass on pursuing Cutler. We might think different if we thought we could arrange a straight up trade - Anderson for Cutler. We doubt that is in the mix. The more likely scenario would see one of our QBs plus a very early draft pick. If that is the price tag, let us put our energies into supporting our current QBs.
Go Browns!
Devo's Cleveland Browns

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