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Kudos to the Browns on the Stallworth Situation

In these times when it seems popular to just criticize for the sake of criticism, we would like to take this opportunity to commend the Browns for the way in which the organization has handled the Donte Stallworth legal situation.
Stallworth surrendered in Court today and will be released on bail with several restrictions, none of which precludes his continued involvement with the Team. His lawyers say that the charge will be vigorously defended, as is always said.
The Cleveland Browns will continue to support Donte. And they should - he is a member of our organization; and he is presumed innocent until proven otherwise. The Browns have handled this distraction admirably from the beginning. The Team announced almost right way the investigation but was careful not to put feet in mouths before the facts were known: smart. The Team refused to address the rampant rumours about the blood alcohol content (some of which we now know were false) pending the official results: wise. The Team has now released another statement expressing in part that it is disappointed in Donte's actions. That is a responsible reaction since his conduct is disappointing regardless of whether he is guilty of the charge or not. The Team has also expressed sympathy for the family of the deceased and has specifically stated that the real tragedy here is the death of a human being: solid.
We rarely see praise for the way in which a public news item is handled by a professional sports organization. We give that praise here to the Browns.


  1. Well put. Regardless if he is back playing football ever again, at least the Browns don't look like the Bengals or the Ravens right now.

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