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Hello Browns Fans!


Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Josh Jeffi and I am the newest contributor to I am an avid Browns fan. Been that way for all of my soon to be 28 years. I pride myself on being an educated fan, looking at all aspects of the team, good or bad. I have been the President of the Strongsville Browns Backers since its' establishment last year. Like all of you, I bleed brown and orange and can think of no better way to express my thoughts and opinions, than right here on Please feel free to comment back to me if you agree or disagree with what I have to say.

Enough with the introduction. Here are some quick thoughts about the current state of the Browns.

* The Browns draft was smart, not sexy. Look for them to do the same thing next year in order to build a solid, competitive core group of players.

* Randy Lerner wanted a coach with discipline and he got that with Eric Mangini. I like how he is doing things so far. Everyone needs to earn their spot and money (Josh Cribbs), so that means everyone needs to man up.

* Even though there is a "competition", I truly believe Brady Quinn will be the starter opening day. I also think Derek Anderson WILL be traded.

* I thought Braylon Edwards was good and gone. I like the fact he is here. He is poised for a season like he had in 2007. Oh yeah, it's a contract year.

* I have no problem with all the former Jets on the team. It's nice to have players want to play for the coach. If I'm not mistaken, the Jets went 9-7 last year. I will take 9 wins over 4 every year.

* I am not looking for the Browns to make the playoffs in 2009. I do expect them to be competitive and discipline. I also expect them to score touchdowns on a more frequent bases.

Those are just some of my thoughts as we inch closer to the start of training camp. Look forward to hearing from you.

Next year is now!

Go Browns!

~Josh Jeffi


  1. Great article welcome to the network. I write for buckeysmix and cavaliersmix. I read on one website mangini made joe thomas run laps for a false start. do you think actions like that may cause kind of a rift in the team down the road.

  2. Hello and Thanks. I've checked out cavaliersmix and thought it was a real good read.

    About Mangini making players run. It won't do anything but establish himself as the boss and players are going to have to do this his way or else. The fact that he made Joe Thomas do it sets a pretty good example of how things are going to be run. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Hi Josh. Welcome aboard.


  4. Clayton,

    Thanks alot. Looking forward to working with you. I think we can make this a great site. Thanks again.