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Like it or not, this is Mangini's team

*Posted by Josh Jeffi

As the calender turns into June and mini camps in Berea are in full swing, it is becoming more and more apparent that the new sheriff in town means business. Gone are the days of players walking in between drill stations, committing penalties during practice, and treating everyday like a casual Friday. In are organized practices, laps run if you commit a penalty, and a my way or the highway attitude.

The first example of this was the apparent squabble between Mangini and Pro Bowl Defensive Tackle, Shaun Rogers. Mangini did nothing about the situation until he was good and ready. He knew Rogers wasn't going anywhere so he solved the situation when he felt it was time to do so. They talked face face and now all parties are happy.

The latest situation, involved Specialist Josh Cribbs. After threatening a holdout and even a trade, Cribbs has made his way onto the practice field without a new contract. The reason? Mangini. When interviewed by reporters at mini camp, Cribbs said, "After I met with coach Mangini, it was real evident to me that the team's going on without [me] and I had to get back out there with my guys." The contract situation will be handled by Cribbs' agent.

That's the attitude of the coach. He believes that one player is not bigger than the team. It is refreshing to see that with the Browns after the past four years of contract disputes and players acting like divas. The culture needed to change fast and Mangini is well on his way, maybe even ahead of schedule. We will find out in September if the new way of running things translates into victories or at least a touchdown or two.


  1. Josh great article! It is true and makes sense that no one player is bigger than the team. I also like the approach and think this team can be good with the right attitude. I hope players realize that and play hard all season and quit worrying about how much money they are going to make. It seems thats all any of them care about now days. To bad they didn't get paid on a performance based contract. I bet none of them wouldnt make as much! I think this team can eventually be at the top with some time! Go Browns


  2. I have no problem with players complaining about money. Like it or not, football has become much more of a business that does not necessarily reflect the game itself.

    Josh Cribbs puts his body on the line the way no one else on that team does. You cannot survive long playing like that in the NFL. He is looking out for his best long term interests, as would anyone else in any other field of employment. As far as performance based contracts go, many NFL players have them, including Brady Quinn.

    I like this new attitude from Mangini though. Business takes place off the field and for sure not in practice. The team moves on with or without individuals.