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Bernie, Bernie

Watch this video courtesy of a faithful YouTube fan to bring back some old memories of Bernie Kosar who quarterbacked our Browns from 1985-1993.

Bernie has had a rather tumultuous 2009. His misfortune culminated recently in his bankruptcy declaration. He reportedly has up to $50 million in liabilities - yes, million. His total unsecured debt is almost $20 million. How in the world does someone rack up that much debt without pledging any assets to secure it? Especially someone who has been out of pro football for several years and without a consistent income stream?

When it comes to Bernie, forget about the stats. What we remember more than anything was his grit. He had a way of showing his determination on his sleeve. We felt his ups and downs as if we were extensions of him. That is rare in professional sports and a genuine tribute to Bernie.

Kosar owes more than $1 million to the Cleveland Browns. Randy Lerner could toss a bone his way and attract adoration from the fans in one swift move: hire Bernie as a quarterback assistant coach and let him earn off the debt. Bernie gets the benefit of being back in Cleveland with the Team that he still speaks fondly of; and the Browns get the benefit of having Kosar's experience, knowledge and mentoring abilities at a time when we have a struggling QB in Anderson and a green QB in Brady. And for next to nothing in terms of cost. This is all legally possible - you just carve out the debt to the Browns from the bankruptcy proceedings.

Bill Livingston of The Plain Dealer raised the idea of Kosar joining the Browns' coaching staff in a recent column, and we think it is deserving of serious consideration. But it should initially be limited strictly to an assistant position regarding the QBs only (not the primary QB coach and not involving the offense generally).

Bernie, Bernie! We can hear that terribly cheesy music in the background. Brownstown is calling you...


Devo's Cleveland Browns

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