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Is Stallworth's sentence severe enough?

*Posted by Josh Jeffi-

This past week, Browns Receiver, Donte Stallworth plead guilty to his DUI manslaughter charges. I found it interesting the number of people who were shocked and even upset by the 30 day jail sentence. I am not hear to stick up for Stallworth. What he did was really wrong and was a complete tragedy that he will have to live with for the rest of his life, but people should not be completely upset with him or the court system. The reason he is only getting 30 days is because the family of the man who died took a settlement.

If you think Stallworth deserves more punishment, then the family should of took the to trial. Than maybe, he would have to serve 15 years. I heard people say he got off because he is a football player and I ask you, did he? For pleading guilty Stallworth has to...

*Serve 30 days in jail

*Do 1000 hours community service

*Has 2 years house arrest

*Has 8 years probation

*Has a lifetime suspension of his license

Not to mention the millions of dollars he lost paying the settlement and the millions he will lose with his suspension from the NFL. Again, do I think he deserves it? Yes. What he did was terrible, but I think his punishment is pretty sever for the case not even going to trial. I know it's hard to imagine because most of us do not have millions of dollars, but think about how your life would be impacted if you had to do all the things Stallworth now has to do. Before you quickly judge how easy Stallworth "got off", think about his actual sentence and then think if it was sever enough. If after you thought about it and you still think the time does not fit the crime, than so be it. Everyone has the right to their own opinion, just look at all the known facts before you make a decision on how you feel about this case.


  1. I'm sick and tired of all these new-found "legal experts" shooting their mouths off about Donte getting off easy because he is rich and famous. How do they know? We have no idea whether his sentence was too light unless we take the time to research other cases in Florida with similar circumstances. Until then, we should not be second-guessing the Miami DA's office.

    I do know one thing for certain - Roger Goodell has overstepped his bounds in suspending Stallworth indefinitely because, in part, of the impact on Mr. Reyes' family. That is none of Goodell's business as the NFL commissioner. He can and should suspend Stallworth, but for the right reasons related to his role.

  2. What the hell's wrong with you people. He killed a person, he was driving drunk. I am a Browns fan as true as anyone since 1946. I hope the hell he does not play for Cleveland. If it is not Goodell's business pray tell me whose business is it.