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Brady Quinn vs. Derek Anderson: One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall

Written by Daniel Wolf

Article originally posted on Dawg Scooper: An Unofficial Cleveland Browns News Source

To start, I could not resist using a Transformers quote in the headline of this article since the movie is killing it at the box offices around the world and quickly approaching a worldwide gross of $1 billion.

Over the past several months, I have been reading article after article after article about the quarterback competition and I kept telling myself, “I really don't want to get involved by writing an article of my own, since there have been so many articles thus far.”

Now I cannot resist.

I compare it to the cartoons where a character is shown a giant button, but told not to push it no matter what.

After staring at that button for so long now, I have to push it because it's driving me crazy.

So here it goes...I'm pushing the button.

It really doesn't matter who you like and dislike, in the quarterback competition, because it is not your decision in the end.

Browns coach Eric Mangini will be making a final decision to end the never-ending quarterback competitions here in Cleveland. will be the right decision in the long run and there is nothing you, as a fan, can do about it.

Whether it is Quinn or Anderson, whoever does come out on top, needs to perform under the pressure of playing for the Browns.

The Cleveland fans are relentless and have always loved the backup quarterback, especially whenever the starter does not perform at a high level, which will be a lot of pressure on whoever wins this.

With the Browns looking to focus on running the ball a lot more in 2009, Anderson's gunslinger style of play will probably not cut it, but it still remains to be seen if Quinn is really the answer at quarterback since it is not known if he can consistently and accurately throw down the field.

If Quinn or Anderson do not produce in 2009, then look for the Browns to consider taking a quarterback in the 2010 NFL Draft, with top quarterback prospects Colt McCoy of Texas and Sam Bradford of Oklahoma.

Or maybe Brett Ratliff is the answer if Quinn or Anderson don't pan out. Not too much is known about Ratliff, except that he smoked the Browns in a preseason game last year.

In conclusion, instead of continuing the endless search for its franchise quarterback, how about either Quinn or Anderson just stepping up and taking over this franchise that needs a permanent face at quarterback.

Remember in Transformers, Optimus Prime is the one left standing, but he takes a serious beating to get there.

Who will be the Browns version of Optimus Prime and be left standing at the end?

Quinn versus Anderson...let the battle begin!

1 comment:

  1. Let the better man win - plain and simple. No biases; no pre-conceived notions. Whomever performs better during training camp gets the job. And remember that "performs" means more than throwing the football; it also includes to a lesser extent intangible qualities like leadership, chemistry with the other players on the offense and spark.