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Browns Fans Want To See More Of Jerome Harrison, You're Getting Your Wish

Written by Daniel Wolf
Article originally posted on Dawg Scooper: An Unofficial Cleveland Browns News Source

Ever since Jerome Harrison was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in the fifth round of the 2006 NFL Draft out of Washington State, Browns fans have been waiting for him to get enough touches on offense to make a difference during games.

Harrison led the NCAA Division I in rushing his senior year at Washington State with over 1,900 yards.

The sad thing about Harrison getting drafted by the Browns is that the former regime of Phil Savage and Romeo Crennel did not know how to properly utilize the talent on their roster, especially rookie talent.

That does not matter anymore because Savage and Crennel are out and Eric Mangini is in (sorry George Kokinis, you may by the General Manager, but Mangini runs the Browns).

Now that Mangini is running the show, there have been many comparisons between Leon Washington of the New York Jets and Harrison due to their similar size, speed, elusiveness and play making abilities.

Those comparisons are astounding, and it is quite obvious that Mangini will be using Harrison in the same role for the Browns this year.

Even more exciting is the various thoughts of what using Harrison more will do for many different facets of the team.

Let's examine those various thoughts.

First thought is using Harrison to run the ball will keep an aging Jamal Lewis fresh during games so that he can still be very strong at the end of the fourth quarter. Lewis will be pounding the defense inside the tackles, then Harrison will take advantage of a fatigued defense (by Lewis' running) by using his own speed outside the tackle box.

Second thought is using Harrison as check down option for the starting quarterback. Harrison has receiver-like hands and his elusiveness in the open field will make tackling him very hard to do by opposing defensive backs.

Next thought is using Harrison more consistently will makes defenses more honest by confusing them because of Harrison's versatility to run and catch.

The most exciting and final thought, which is news reported by Cleveland Plain Dealer writer Terry Pluto on Sunday, has the Browns considering Harrison as a punt returner now.

Mangini may be toying with this idea because of a possible Josh Cribbs holdout, but this idea may also be in place to keep Cribbs fresh since he will be seeing more time as a wide receiver and perhaps some defensive plays too.

Harrison's open field elusiveness may also be playing a part in returning punts. He has the moves to juke coverage players out of their shoes, where as Cribbs is the kind of returner that will just run with power though coverage players.

Whether this new fact of Harrison returning punts is true or not, at least Mangini is thinking of ways to get Harrison involved during gameday.

Harrison may not be a feature back in the NFL, but the NFL is no longer a feature back type of league with most every team using two and three-headed running back attacks on offense, which makes Harrison a very dangerous addition to the Browns offensive attack in 2009.

1 comment:

  1. I agree completely. The main advantage of using Harrison more is what it will do for Jamal. In fact, I think that we can get excited about our running game this year. Lewis, Harrison, Davis and Vickers can all contribute.