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Josh Cribbs Says He Is Not Playing After The Preseason, Whatever Already

Written by Daniel Wolf

Article originally posted on Dawg Scooper: An Unofficial Cleveland Browns News Source

First, he wants a new contract, otherwise he is boycotting and not attending any voluntary workouts or practices.

Then he decides that he will participate in voluntary camps and workouts.

Next, he says he still wants a new contract, otherwise he is not attending training camp and he will holdout.

Then he tells a Cleveland ESPN radio host that he will be coming to training camp on time.

Now, Mary Kay Calbot of the has reported saying, "a source close to the situation says Cribbs plans to report to training camp on time Friday, but is adamant he won't play a regular season game without a new contract or significant progress towards one."

Calbot also wrote, "Cribbs hopes that by showing up for training camp, which opens to the public with two practices on Saturday, the team will realize how committed he is and show a willingness to negotiate."

Bottom line, Josh Cribbs is making himself look very silly with all this "yes-no-yes-no" decision making (or lack there of).

Now is not the time to keep going back an forth with you choice, because now Cribbs is starting to sound and look like another, more prolific, player in the NFL who cannot make up his mind and that is Brett Favre.

With two of the Browns rookie wide receivers, Brian Robiskie and Mohamed Masaaquoi, still not signed, the Browns are currently focusing on getting those two under contract before training camp begins on August 1st.

If and when the Browns negotiators get Robiskie and Massaquoi signed, look for them to possibly continue heavy negotiations with agents of Cribbs and expected-to- holdout kicker Phil Dawson.

Browns fans, aren't you getting tired of this charade already?


  1. You bet I'm tired of it. And I get the distinct impression that Mangini's new tough approach to player relations has rubbed off on Lerner, which explains why the Team issued such an immediate and unequivocal statement after Cribbs first complained that the Browns had broken its promise to give him a new contract. The fans will start to turn on Cribbs if he insists on this approach.

  2. Agreed!

    I already am turing on him and he is/was my favorite Browns player.