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Josh Cribbs Tells ESPN Radio Host That He Will Be at Camp on Time

Written by Daniel Wolf
Article originally posted on Dawg Scooper: An Unofficial Cleveland Browns News Source

So far new Cleveland Browns head coach Eric Mangini has been able to create more buzz out of Northeast Ohio than maybe any other coach has done for his team this offseason.

And the kicker is that Mangini has not even coached a regular season game for the Browns yet.

All the buzz has been due to Mangini either rubbing players the wrong way, trade rumors, or even telling players that there are no re-negotiations no matter what the last regime has promised in the past.

The biggest of all the news, currently, is that Cribbs has re-lapsed in his decision to play out this year under his current contract, and hope that his performance will grant him a chance for more money in 2010.

Once Cribbs came to the OTAs last month, everyone assumed that Cribbs' holdout was water under the bridge, but in the last few weeks the rumor mill has once again been pumping out many rumors regarding Cribbs and his wanting to holdout out for more money again.

Saturday night (July 18th) on ESPN Cleveland radio, 850AM WKNR, host Munch of Munch On Sports, had the chance to interview Cribbs.

Cribbs said that, "he will be attending training camp, regardless of the current contract dispute." (paraphrased)

After all the various articles and news reports that have been issued, and from the words of the player himself, Cribbs will be coming to training camp on time.

( can hear other Browns fans screaming from reading this too!)

Less than two weeks until camp begins, and now that Cribbs will be attending, it is time to get the roster on the same page and play some football!

1 comment:

  1. This new "all-business, no nonsense" regime will NOT surrender to Cribbs. Josh will not get a new contract. The best that he can hope for is a sign of good faith on the part of the Team to commit to a renegotiation at the end of the season, or some modest bonus. I agree with that approach.