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Brown and White scrimmage

It felt good to be back in Cleveland Browns stadium for the first time this year.The team seemed to have a new swagger about them.Brown(D.A.) vs.White(Quinn)two hand tap scrimmage,half-speed,no takling,but here's my take on the 2009 Cleveland Browns.

Derek Anderson and the Brown team had first possession,with lost yardage and three and out.Josh Cribbs received the punt for the White team and returned for would have been a TD had it not been a "tap" game.

Quinn lined up for his teams first possession around their own 40.I've said I trust coach Mangini to choose the man who gives us the best chance to win,and I'm not partial either way.I've heard and read D.A. supporters criticizing Quinn for lack of arm strength.

Brady Quinn took his first snap of the game,dropped back and hit Lance Leggett in the hands,in the end zone from his own 40.In my book that's sufficient arm strength,first throw of the game for 6!

Shaun Rogers was the most enthusiastic player on the field.He had a couple sacks(taps),one of which I thought got him a misconduct flag(taunting ,celebrating like it was the Super Bowl),but the flag turned out to be on Derek Anderson.He put up an argument to the official that he got rid of the ball in time,and went a little too far for the officials liking.Hard to comment much on lineman play being that it wasn't full speed,but Rogers was an exception.

There is always room for improvement,one of which ,a particular tight ends hands.I've read there have issues in Berea also.I'm not throwing anyone under the bus but 4-5 drops of catchable balls,this problem needs attention!I know the potential is there,lets just get it worked out!

David Patten back for a second tour.He had the two biggest catches of the game,46 yards and a 71 yard TD,on a crossing route from Brett Ratliff.Both of which he seemed to be wide open.We'll call it good route running.Both Quinn and D.A. threw a pick.Quinn's came off a tipped ball from Leggett and a nice diving interception by safety Mike Adams.Anderson's pick was just a very nice play by linebacker D'Qwell Jackson,who seemed to come out of nowhere and pluck the ball out of the air,returning it to midfield.

Both rookie receivers Robiskie and Massaquoi looked sharp.Massaquoi seemed to be D.A.'s favorite target on the first couple drives.Robiskie caught a nice deep ball from Quinn but was ruled out of bounds.Neither one dropped anything they could get their hands on.

Newly added RB Noah Herron broke a nice run for a 39 yard TD.The blocking was beautiful,he didn't have to redirect his route from hand off to TD,he had a huge hole and made a beeline for the end zone.

Josh Cribbs looked solid at WR.He got open and made some nice catches.It ended with team Quinn having to settle for a game tying 49 yard FG attempt which would have tied the game at 17.Phil Dawson who kicked for both sides missed by a slight margin,leaving only 20 seconds for team Anderson to kneel down and seal the deal.

The Cleveland Browns looked confident,organized,and determined.Hats off to coach Mangini and his staff,keep up the good work!There's a new hope here in "Brownstown".I see progress,which is all you can ask for this early in a campaign.I think we'll surprise some people this year,these men look like winners from my seat.

Written by Jeff Fox

1 comment:

  1. For crying out loud, Brady Quinn has sufficient arm strength to compete successfully in the NFL. Pure and simple. Does he have a rocket arm - absolutely not. Does he immediately impress with his arm when watching him in practice - no, because next to Anderson the football comes out more laboured and slower. But Brady has the potential to be much more accurate than Derek; have better ability to pick up blitzes and defensive changes; and be a better Team leader on offense. Being a QB is more than arm strength.