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Browns vs. Packers

I wouldn't put too much thought into this game.I'm already hearing jeers from Browns fans and cheers from haters.The first preseason game of the year,new staff,new system,and alot of new players.Not to make excuses,but the presence of our defensive anchor Shaun Rogers would have made quite a difference in defending the run and pass as well.

This game was a chance for coach Mangini and his staff to get a feel for the new system,and their players against an opponent other than each other for the first time this year.In other words....practice.That's why I'm not getting irate about some of the bad play calling.Maybe they had plays they felt they wanted to work on,and maybe they had plays that would have worked but didn't use because they are already comfortable with.How many teams have bombed in preseason and went on to have a successful year and vice-versa.It just depends on the approach of the staff,and you and I don't know what that is.

After the reported improvement in discipline brought to camp by coach Mangini,I was a little concerned at some of the stupid penalties at times when discipline should have been at its peak.Phil Dawson's FG negated by a holding call on Hank Fraley,then there was the holding call on Ivy on a fourth down conversion attempt that cost us possession.I'm sure they'll have time to reflect while running laps.Take away a few untimely penalties and we would have had a much tighter game.

There where the bright spots!Eric Wright showed improvement from last year,and Mike Furrey made a case for himself in his plight for a spot on the receiving corps.Josh Cribbs looked promising and seemed to have a handle on the #2 receiver spot.D'qwell Jackson was around the ball and making plays and seems to be progressing as a play maker on defense,also Coye Francies had a pick and has continued to impress in the secondary.

Derek Anderson's play at QB made Brady Quinn's conservative yet consistent drives look better than they really were.Quinn didn't finish his drives with points,but I'm convinced D.A. is not the answer at quarterback.Anderson seemed to panic and rush bad throws while Quinn seemed much more comfortable in the pocket.I'd rather see screens and dump passes than blind bombs into a crowd of defenders.Quinn has shown he has the ability to throw deep in camp.It seems to me he's taking the safer,conservative route right now.I'd like to see how Quinn reacts to securing the spot,and building confidence from there.

Coach Mangini had his first glimpse of what's working and what isn't.Changes will be made,laps will be run,and going into Saturdays game against the Lions,I look for improvement to be made from last week.That's Eric Mangini's philosophy,with improvement every week,you can't go wrong.

by Jeff Fox

1 comment:

  1. I keep trying to find some bright light for Anderson in order to justify the continiuing QB "competition", however, again he showed a stubborness in throwing the football into double coverage without checking out other options.