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Cleveland Browns Training Camp Report: Monday 8/3 8:45 AM Practice

Written by Daniel Wolf

Article originally posted on Dawg Scooper: An Unofficial Cleveland Browns News Source

After reading reports from Sunday's practice that the offense could not get it together and the entire unit had to run a lap, there were some insecurities coming into the Monday morning 8:45 AM practice.

Not too many players ran laps, Josh Cribbs and Gerard Lawson had to run a lap each due to errors during kick return drills.

During the wide receiver versus defensive back drills, the quarterbacks were splitting the snaps, and Mohamed Massaquoi showcased his hands in one play by catching a pass with really tight coverage blanketing him, but he did drop two passes from Derek Anderson that were right in his hands later in practice.

Buddy Ryan was in attendance, and on the field, carefully watching the defensive unit during drills and consistently jotting down notes on a piece of paper to share with his son and defensive coordinator Rob Ryan.

The linebackers were practicing their blitzing, while at the same time the running backs and tight ends were on the other side of the ball practicing their blitz protection drills. The offensive and defensive lines were represented by large white buckets, and on one particular play, Jerome Harrison picked up a blitz by Eric Barton and held his ground against the large linebacker.

In kickoff return drills, Cribbs looked solid as usual, powering his way through oncoming traffic, but Lawson surprised many fans by showing off some nifty jukes and getting good return yardage almost every time he touched the ball.

Syndric Steptoe had a good showing returning kicks, and he gained a few yards on a reverse during the 11 on 11 scrimmage.

Then after all the drill practices were complete, the defensive unit (in Brown jerseys) went to one sideline, and the offensive unit (in white jerseys) went to the opposite sideline for 11 on 11 practice.

Running back Jamal Lewis showed great speed and power, getting through the holes and eating up decent yardage. Lewis looks a little slimmer than usually, but he definitely has a burst of speed that gets him through the line.

Rookie running back James Davis made the crowd gasp several times when he touched the ball. He runs with power, speed and he has the jukes that Browns fans haven't seen out of a running back in a long time. He pulled off runs of 50+ yards and 15 yards, both of which the crowd loved. Davis was also very consistent in getting gain of at least over 4-5 yards per carry.

Davis is easily on he way to earning carries on gameday.

Wide Receiver Lance Leggett was another player who shined on Monday morning. Leggett was pulling down catch after catch, and he also hauled in a bomb from, quarterback Brady Quinn, which he bobbled but then concentrated on to catch it and took off to the endzone for a 80+ yard touchdown.

The crowd was screaming after than play.

If Leggett keeps playing the way he is now, then he might find a roster spot come opening day in September.

The defense was playing really good in their coverages which made Quinn and Anderson throw many incomplete passes throughout the morning. They also were getting pressure on the quarterbacks causing them to throw the ball away or roll out of the pocket a few times.

Rookie wide receiver Brian Robiskie made an amazing catch while diving towards the sideline and keeping himself inbounds for about 15 yards.

Quinn started off not throwing any pass longer than 20 yards, most were to check down targets (which may have been because of good defensive coverage too) but hit Leggett on that bomb, and the ball was thrown accurately and was in the air for about 50 yards.

Who said Quinn doesn't have an arm? That play proved many critics wrong.

Quinn did throw many incompletions, due to tight coverages, but managed to string together completions before the end of practice.

Quinn looked good, but again, he did not go deep as much as Anderson was.

Anderson looked good too, but was the victim of dropped passes by several receivers (could also have been caused by good defensive coverage). He did complete a screen to Steptoe who took it about 25 yards down the field and Harrison caught a pass out of the backfield and went for 15 yards.

Anderson did throw an interception to Hamza Abdullah, who returned it for a score.

Overall, the offense stills looks a little shaky in the passing game, but the running game looked really strong.

The defense showed good man-to-man coverage and was putting some pressure on the quarterbacks.

(Next camp report will be from Wednesday 8/5 at 8:45 AM)

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