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New Year, Same Story For Braylon Edwards

Posted by Josh Jeffi

Most of us would really like to forget 2008 for the Cleveland Browns. Maybe most of us did for get about it over the summer because of all the changes that were made at 76 Lou Groza Blvd. I have to admit, I was looking forward to the first preseason game under Mangini. I was wondering how things would be different and actually had hope that the Browns would look like they belong in the NFL. Well, all those thoughts quickly disappeared as the game barley got underway.

It was all like the movie "Groundhog Day". Just watching the same bad game over and over. Every bad memory of last season came back, especially right before halftime when Brady Quinn led the Browns down the field only to have Braylon Edwards drop a touchdown pass.

If Edwards wants to be the man and cash in next year, he has to make that catch and every catch after that...period. Everyone knows that. I think however though, every drop Edwards has is magnified because of where he played college ball.

Sure, alot of people will think that statement is crazy and just plain ridiculous and everyone thought Edwards was a cry baby when he said there is Michigan bias, but there is some truth to that and I witnessed it first hand this past Saturday.

I was at the location where my Browns Backers Club meets for games when Edwards dropped the touchdown pass. People yelled and cursed and then I was amazed by what they were saying, or singing next. If you ever go to Ohio State games, you will hear the song that begins with, "We don't give a damn about the whole state of Michigan..." and that is what I heard until the end of the first half. I was amazed.

I personally feel Browns fans should move on and get over the fact he went to Michigan, but I also know that the Michigan bias will not go away until he catches the football. If you want the fans to be on your side Braylon, the ball is in your hands, or at least is should be.


  1. Not to make excuses for the Browns (they were just plain pathetic), but remember that there is not just a new regime in Cleveland; there is a whole new system. You take something brand new and put it up against the team that most predicted would win the NFC North (except maybe not now in light of Favre joining the Vikes), and you get a risk of disaster. That is what we got, squared.

  2. Edwards also does not like to tackle. On the Anderson pick, jumped on Josh Cribbs late. On the Quinn pick, he quit on the play early as Martin Rucker made the tackle. Edwards then got punked by number 55 who popped him when he wasn't trying.

    Good luck Browns.

  3. I don't care if an Iraqi refugee gets in the endzone and catches the pass so long as he's wearing orange and brown...

    Catch. The. Ball.

    Case in point: Jamal Lewis - destroyed the Browns for years while at Baltimore. He puts up a thousand yards a season and nobody says anything negative about him do they?

    CATCH!!!!!! THE!!!!! BALL!!!!!!