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Not! The same old Browns

I heard it all over the place after the Green Bay game in week one preseason,"same old Browns".I didn't want to hear the pessimistic remarks from the so called Browns fans,and definitely not from the abundance of Steelers fans we've always seemed to have here in Brownstown.For an intelligent coach like Mangini I doubt if we've even seen a portion of what we'll see against Minnesota in week one.Take into account the secrecy and mind games seen by Mangini's mentor Bill Belichick.

The Browns third preseason game was a positive outing.It wasn't the "same old Browns"at all.The Cleveland Browns were making plays on offense,defense,and special teams too!The defense did allow the Titans to drive down field throughout the game,but came up with plays when they needed them.They didn't look like the beaten team we've grown used to watching over the years.Even when trailing they looked more determined and confident,than I've seen in....Anyways,I am thrilled with coach Mangini,and the improvement in the Browns every week.

Then there's the quarterback controversy.I don't believe there really is one,hush-hush.Every little advantage helps.So if Minnesota has to take time to prepare for both QB's,that's time they would have had to prepare in some other area otherwise.I would be shocked to see coach Mangini name D.A. the starter.I can't help but think the confusion is all part of the big picture in gaining an extra edge.

The newest buzz in the media is the RB dilemma.They say J-Lew is hitting the hole too slow in comparison to James Davis and Jerome Harrison.I have a dream!!Jamal Lewis lined up at fullback,Davis and Harrison trading carries behind him.Running back by committee,it worked for the Giants.J-Lew definitely has the size,he's starting to make linebackers look petite.So who's gonna get the hand-off?Something else for defenses to think about.

I think coach Mangini has options,and talent all over the field.The Browns just never had the guidance and leadership they now possess.Week after week improvement,a new confidence,a new unity,and a determination not seen in Brownstown for a long time.A determination that doesn't wear out before the game ends.

By Jeff Fox

1 comment:

  1. A remarkable improvement has been shown by the Browns since that first pre-season game against the Packers. The real test, though, will come on opening day in that the Vikes will give the Browns a real test in all facets of the game; we will have to contain Adrian Peterson, Brett Favre and Percy Harvin, all while facing one of the very best defenses in the NFL. Go get 'em Brownies!