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One Game down, Three More to go

One one thousand, two one thousand…ten one thousand! This was the chant of the Green Bay Quarterbacks who seemed to have endless amounts of time to check e-mails, buy hot dogs, pick up the dry cleaning and still make it back to the pocket in time to find the open receiver. With the Browns starting front seven not coming close to introducing Aaron Rogers’ jersey to the turf, it became fairly obvious that Green Bay was jus a smidgen ahead of our defense at this point. Keeping in line with this trend, our O picked right up where it left off the final six games of the season, scoreless and self-defeating. Bionic-man Hank Fraley will surely be taking at least one lap after turning back the scoreboard from a familiar three to the all-inclusive goose egg.

            Flash! Thwack! Bizzang! While there might not be a dynamic duo to save us until The Big Witness Protection suits up with the King on October sixth, we can relish the fact that this was only a pre-season game. I’ll even go as far as to throw out two excellent names: Eric Wright and Mike Furrey. While they, along with Shaun Rogers and Joe Thomas, make up a fantastic four out of the starting 22, at least we have something good to build on. Wright looked like a table after Pledge…polished. Furrey impersonated Evel Knievel as he twice jumped the gap and made the play.

            We have to remember that this is a new system and it is going to take time. While we are far too accustomed to hearing the previous statement, this is the truth. We might not like it or want to engage in it, but we have to look to the small positives and progressions instead of the scoreboard. As hard as that is to do, we are in a re-building season. While this term has recently been thrown around more than a pair of dice at a craps table, we just have to believe that the new guys are building a foundation. Let’s just hope that this foundation works out and takes a different course than its predecessors.

~Sef Gold


  1. The Lions are next , and they look better. Maybe the Browns can generate an offense against a still questionable defensive line , but the Lions have a decent pass rush. Cliff Avril is a beast , and Gunther is calling some linebacker blitzes.
    On the offensive side of the ball , the Lions are simply the better team in this matchup , with three QBs that cam move the chains. Kevin Smith looks like a 1500 yard rusher.

  2. Frankly, I could care less about the pre-season. The Browns' record after the 4 pre-season games has about as much value in terms of predicting the regular season as my crystal ball.