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Brown in the dumps

The game against Denver leaves me wondering what to do next Sunday.Usually I rush around and get everything done Sunday morning so I have no interruptions for the pregame followed by the Browns game!It's only week two and the wind in my sails are gone.I will watch the Baltimore game but I'm not in my usual rush.

After so many years of high hopes before the season and then letdown after letdown,I wonder if I'm alone or just among the majority.I couldn't watch the last few games last year,the first time ever missing a Browns game.I'm getting the same feeling already approaching week 3.

I hope these players got their asses chewed this morning because I saw very few of them doing their job.As far as the coaching,maybe that's the problem.Could it be that Lerner is a good businessman but doesn't know dick about what characteristics makes a good coach?I don't know just trying to understand how this happens year after year.We don't see what goes on,hopefully he's not a delusional control freak like Mr. Al Davis

Is there a black cloud looming over Browns town?We've seen talent come and go but no talent seems to be enough here.I will not turn my back on this team but we need these players to step up and make a change.We need them to be the heroes they're paid to be.

By Jeff Fox


  1. You're not alone Jeff. I stopped watching the Browns last year when Quinn went down because I knew they couldn't win with Dorsey and the other backups.

    I'd have to say that Randy & Al Lerner are not the best judges for picking coaches and general managers from what I've seen. Unfortunately unless something major changes with Mangini's approach I think we will be seeing another change at the head coaching position in 3-4 years and we will be back in the same boat.

    I'm confused why Mangini can't even get these guys competitive. I think it is harder to be a Browns fan that it is to be a Browns player (even an injured Browns player).

  2. No HEART on this Team