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Coach Mangini

I'm getting fed up with all the crap I'm reading on the web,everyone pissing and moaning about coach Mangini not choosing the QB.They say it's about leadership and chemistry.Fine,I think that's a little what the coach based his decision on,ya think?
Here's another newsflash,the coach is the leader of the team,not the quarterback.The QB is a player and a teammate to the other 53 guys on the roster.As far as chemistry,what do you think they've been doing for 2 months?What happens if the starter goes down in week one?Who by the way is Brady Quinn.It doesn't take a genius!These men look like a real team for the first time in forever!These fans are so used to crying that's all they know.

At the end of the year you'll all be screaming man-genius,and I'll be saying I told you so.So please vent your frustration somewhere else,there are men at work!

By Jeff Fox


  1. My gosh, Jeff, am I glad you wrote this. WhoTF cares who it is? bring us a WIN!...and what if the Browns beat the Vikes? any of these whiners going to say "WOW!" he IS a ManGENIUS!"? hell NO! and what if they lose? The reason is going to be because he didn't tell the world who was starting at QB before the game, so they lost?
    Cleveland "fans" like to shoot their mouths off, without thinking before they speak, how stupid what they are saying is going to sound

  2. I couldn't give a rat's ass whether Mangini announces the starting QB before the game against the Vikings. What I care about is whether the Team rallies behind that guy and whether Mangini plays flip-flop all season.