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DA must go


Simple quiz: What does a DA supporter have in common with a Quinn supporter?

Answer: Both are Cleveland Browns supporters!

The Browns need to make a decision at the QB spot and stick with it. It doesn’t matter if it is DA or Quinn; it just needs to be one and only one of them. The loser of the Mangenius QB competition must get traded by week 1. Look at the success that brought to us in 2007 when Charlie Frye was traded in week 2 after losing the starting position to DA.

All signs seem to be pointing to Quinn as the favorite to win the starting spot. With that said, DA must go. We need to trade him and let the rest of the team, the fans, and the NFL know that Quinn is our guy. Besides, maybe we can actually get someone with talent that can either start or add some depth to our defense.

A professional football team needs to have an identity, something that people think about when they hear the team name. For the past several season the Cleveland Browns pathetic identity has been that of our super-fan John “Big Dawg” Thompson who sits in row 1 of the Dawg Pound with a rubber dog mask on (no offense Mr. Big Dawg).

With constant quarterback controversy there is no way that we can build an identity. Do any of these matchups ring a bell? Couch vs. Holcomb. Garcia vs. Holcomb. Dilfer vs. Frye. Frye vs. DA. DA vs. Quinn.

Let’s stop the madness, name Quinn the starter, trade DA and start climbing back to the position as one of the best football teams in the NFL.

--by Michael Nuncija


  1. I agree,but if Quinn goes down D.A. is a decent backup QB,but he and everyone else should accept he's the backup.I'd rather have a reliable backup than a 2or 3 round pick cuz thats all we can get for him right now.

  2. If Quinn starts (he will), then we can't trade DA without picking up a veteran back-up QB as part of the deal or on the side. Ratliff has proven that he is useless this pre-season. So any injury to Quinn would be fatal.

  3. Those of you who think Quinn is our man must be gay(no offense to homosexuals). While Quinn is very handsome he does not give us a better chance of winning. DA is the better of the two and has two years of playing time to prove it. Yes I said two years. If you put the catchable drops in the positive side of the stat category including touchdown drops by Braylon Edwards then DA never gets benched in the first place. If we trade DA mark my words it will come back to haunt us. If you want to pad our defense trade Braylon Edwards although I doubt you will get much out of him at this point.