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How many games for hope?

By James Alan

I know it is only the second game of the season, but many Browns fans are already speculating on whether the team will even win a game this season. The next four games look daunting now. Even the Cincinnati game looks doubtful based on our offense's inept ability to score points, and Cincinnati’s six sacks on Aaron Rogers this weekend.

I think we all realize that the Browns are rebuilding, under new management, and the new paint is still drying on the walls. With that said, I haven not seen much from the coaching staff that is making the team competitive. Mangini stands on the sidelines with a look of evaluation on his face similar to the preseason where he was deciding on a roster. I, for one, expect a look of anticipation or leadership. Bill Belichick shows all the emotional response of a cotton swab on the sideline so I cannot say too much about Mangini other than Belichick wins and Mangini has not as a Brown.

It is more than a look on the sideline though. It is getting involved with the offensive coordinator when the team is routinely going three and out. It is running to the bench when the offense is resting from their two minutes on the field, and getting them fired up to move the ball on the next series to score a touchdown. It is getting in people’s faces when they need to be reminded that they get paid 10 times the average fan’s salary so they need to catch a ball that is delivered on time.

At the end of preseason these are the guys that Mangini picked to make the Browns competitive this season. I think history shows that a losing season zaps the talent out of great players. Warren Sapp was a monster in Tampa Bay, but the continued losing seasons in Oakland have made Sapp nearly invisible. If the Browns do not start winning it will erode the rookies and drain the veterans; making an even tougher uphill battle next year.

The only way the players will truly buy into a system is if they win. How long will that be?

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