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Thawk! Bang! Pow! In case the event happened to be overlooked, yes the Cleveland Browns did play Sunday and it could be considered a success in every definition of the word. Start with an offense that is sure to rival “the best show on turf” with mind-blowing sets featuring the run that gets stuffed like a turkey on Thanksgiving. No Mr. Madden, this is not your famed Turducken. This is the Cleveland Browns.

In addition, our Big-O (sorry Oscar), has a marvelous playbook that enthralls NFL viewers with plays like the broken screen for a loss, the third-and-long check-down for short yardage and the ever important Eat-Turf and Get-Sacked! Combine this with expected penalties, the well-overdone turnover and a take-the-knee trick play that shocked the defense to pre-maturely end the first half. The result is not only a winner, but also an offensive juggernaut capable of ensuring our team’s place in history as the first team to be called by Commissioner Goodell on April 22, 2010. This would be assuming that we don’t resort to pulling another brilliant 'trade' where we exchange a top five pick.

All seriousness aside, the Denver game showed that unless your name starts with ‘Braylon’ or your number is ‘73’ there is some real work to be done if the Browns offense hopes to ever find that once familiar ancient resort known fondly as the End-Zone. The defense played adequately and did everything they could to keep the team in the game. The special teams unit is making a remarkably sound case for three Pro-Bowlers named Cribbs, Pontbriand and Zastudil. This might be the unfortunate story of the 2009 Cleveland Browns. They are a team with eminent potential, yet one whose offense cannot quite pull it all together during a single drive. At least we have 14 games (including one against the Lions) to turn it around. 

~Sef Gold

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