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Oh No...

September 30, 2009

Delonte West didn't show up at practice again. Eric Wedge was fired. Derek Anderson is going to start at quarterback on Sunday.

The best news in Cleveland in the weather.

It's 54 and rainy.

I have to confess, when the Browns canned Romeo, I wanted Mangini. He had two winning records in three years. You have to go back the the 1980s to find the last time the Browns did that. However, thus far Mangini has failed on a spectacular level.

I just cannot fathom the long term logic in going to DA. Kinda like I can't see the long term logic in refusing to play our second round picks, but this is almost more inexplicable.

Lighting a spark, so to speak, under the team may be worthwhile if this season was going anywhere. It isn't. The Browns suck. The starters include John St. Clair, David Bowens, and Jamal Lewis a year or so after he should have retired. So we're not going anywhere.

So why not give Quinn a chance?

His biggest problem is he refuses to throw downfield. He holds on to the ball too long. He isn't getting the ball in the hands of his playmakers (or playmaker, since the Browns really only have one). He isn't getting it done on third down. He has made 6 career starts. His college career shows a track record of adjustments. All of Quinn's problems are fixable, with time. He may never fix them, but he has a chance. Quinn still has potential.

DA has a spectacular arm. He also has an incredible penchant for throwing picks. He just can't protect the football. He can't hit short passes. He lacks consistency. He has proven this. He had a crap completion percentage in college. He has a crap completion percentage in the pros. He has made enough starts and thrown enough picks to know he isn't the long term answer. Why go to him? He isn't the future.

Brady is at least a maybe, but now we won't find out. One less reason to watch the Browns.

Jack Bacevice


  1. Couldn't have said it better. Mangini must be planning on ruining Quinn. This team has no leader (including the coach).

  2. Okay, I cant hold my tongue against Quinn to Winner's. Quinn is not now nor will he ever be a good NFL quarterback. The reason he does not go down field is because his arm is not strong enought to squeeze it. In case you did not know college recievers tend to get a lot more open than Pro's. The reason Quinn Dinks and dunks is because, unless the reciever has nobody within ten yards he will be intercepted. I dont know which DA you have been watching but the one I watch can throw the ball deep and short. It just so happens he may throw a little too hard for Braylon...Brett Favre never lost his job for that. I am personnally grateful that DA is back in. Last week he was already back 27 points. He threw the pix because he was trying to make stuff happen. I say we do just as we did two years ago and trade Quinn now, although all teams now know he has a candy arm so we may just have to release him. His pretty boy look and hometown roots are the only reason he got the start in the first place. Tim Couch part two continues...

  3. Mangini is under tremendous pressure to win games, not develop Quinn as an NFL quarteback and throw a season or two away. He'll go with his best option for doing that, which is apparently DA. How we found ourselves there, I don't know, it's disappointing, but it's true.