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Yes,they are the worst!

I've been in denial up until the loss to Baltimore.This is an absolutely pathetic excuse for a professional football team.Poor coaching,poor tackling,poor reads by both quarterbacks.Only one quarterback should played this game.I've said all along I'd rather see dumps and screen passes than desperate heaves into double coverage.

That is what D.A. brings to the table.Panic and desperation.What in the hell is wrong with Mangini?I tried to be optimistic and supportive,but now I'm fed up with the whole coaching staff.I can tell you he'll tell the media that he wanted to give the team a jump start.Sounds like something I heard last year from Crennel.

I think the Browns have had enough talent to be competitive every single year.The players are not the problem.How does this happen every year? I never considered myself to be qualified to coach a professional football team.So why are the poor decisions by Browns coaches so easily evident to me?

It's painful for me to admit,but this is the worst team in the NFL.I'll still be hoping that next year something will change,but will it?Put Quinn back in Mangini,and admit you were desperate.Give the man a chance to build his knowledge and get ready for next year.It couldn't be more clear to me that Mangini made a huge mistake,adding more confusion and drama to an already troubled group.

By Jeff Fox


  1. This team has a great chance to go 0-fer unless we play somebody sitting starters late in the season. At least the Quinn argument is over. He will not help this team and there is a reason he went undrafted as far into the first round as he did. It doesn't help that there isn't much in the way of a starting receiving core. Can we play some rookies?? This franchise cannot manage personnel, draft, or figure out how to bring in a winning coaching staff. The Browns are an awful display of a team and it is a sad state of affairs in C-town. The ticket holders deserve better. 9 games now with no offensive touchdowns?? We look worse than ever.

  2. It is disgraceful. The Clowns are a laughing stock of the entire US. Mangina was not that answer, and i have no ideas who thought he would be a good fit. Usually us greeks are right at things, but Kokinis...come on. MANGINA!? He wasn't a good coach in NY, what makes you think he would be good in Cleveland. Hasn't anyone learned from Belichik. We need to put people in and let them make the mistakes. Let them learn. Ceveland turns their back on people to quickly and never gives them a chance. Mr fox this is the most DEAD ON blog i have ever seen and i will be back often. I love to hear about the worst team in the NFL 10+ years and counting.