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Braylon, Bray-gone

October 7, 2009

Do you like that title? It was a pun, sort of... I dunno.

Anyway, Braylon Edwards was traded to the New York Jets today. I'm looking forward to see how the New York media will spin the Braylon Edwards trade + Braylon's alleged altercation with LeBron's friend early Monday morning + LeBron's comments on Braylon to = LeBron to New York in 2010. There's no logic behind it, but I am sure they will find a way. Anyway, to the trade.

Braylon was the guy opposing defense payed the most attention to. Braylon is a great athlete. Braylon was almost certainly gone after this year, unless we put the franchise tag on him or we ended up with an uncapped year where Braylon was a restricted free agent. So in that regard it's good we got something for him.

So what did the Browns get? Chansi Stuckey for starters. Stuckey won the Jets number 2 receiver job this year. He's decent. He has good size. I don't know if he is really a number 2 wide receiver in the NFL, but he's at least a number 3. He could still develop. He didn't play in 2007 after he was drafted in the 7th round out of Clemson, but he had a decent 2008. The Browns also received Jason Trusnik who is said to be a "key special teams player" by I've never heard of him and am not going to pretend I know about him.

The Browns also received two picks from New York, said to be a third and a fifth rounder. also reports that the third rounder could become a second rounder if Braylon reaches some sort of performance level, supposedly it's receptions and it's a very high number. Regardless, it's important what the Browns do with those picks. Some very good NFL player have been drafted in the third round or later. Hopefully, these picks can be well spent on some talented guys who slip through the cracks for one reason or another. I also hope this trade signals that ManKok is ready to see what Brian Robiskie can do. Mohamed Massaquoi certainly won himself a permanent Sunday spot on the field with his performance against Cincy on Sunday. It seems he becomes the de facto number one receiver. Stuckey should be able to help right away considering he played under Mangini in his first two NFL seasons.

This is a move for the future and one that can't be graded right away. It would appear the Jets believe they got a number 1 receiver. It would appear the Browns believe they got a complimentary receiver (either a number 2 or 3) and a special teamer. The Browns also got more flexibility in next season's draft and the ability to add extra bodies next season and, hopefully, some extra good players. A trade like this is a reality for a franchise in full rebuilding mode.

Jack Bacevice


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