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A glimmer of hope

I'm not trying to say that I'm happy with the Browns thus far this season,but I wasn't expecting to see this game go the way it went.It was such a pleasure to see them moving the ball down field and playing solid defense for a change.There were play makers coming out of the woodwork in comparison to the first three weeks!

I thought D.A. played well ,although I'm not convinced Coach Mangini's hasty switch was a good choice.I hope I'm proven to be wrong.I have to admit without D.A.'s gutsy performance Sunday there would probably be alot less fans tuning in this week for the Bill's game.There hasn't been much of a reason to get exited about watching a Browns game this year.

As I said I thought D.A. had a good game.Some other players who stepped it up this week include Jerome Harrison,Brodney Pool,Kam Wimbley,and the rookie wide out Mohammed Massaquoi earns the game ball!The offensive line as a whole worked well together also.Thanks to the whole team for stepping it up and giving us a reason to watch next week,otherwise I don't know how much more I could take.

When Coach Mangini made the switch at QB,I was convinced he was an idiot.I asked myself"How did this ball boy that doesn't know a damn thing about football climb this high on the totem pole?".I was wondering how would I watch this game rooting for D.A. to fail,yet wanting the Cleveland Browns to succeed?

I was convinced I would rather see Brett Ratliff or Josh Cribbs behind center than Derek Anderson.I was convinced that Mangini was a joke,but I admit D.A. won me over after three weeks of not being competitive.I now have a desire to watch football again.I was actually proud to see the Browns be competitive in losing.That is life as a Browns fan,but we Browns fans never know what next week may bring.

By Jeff Fox

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