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Oh Pittsburgh...

October 19, 2009

That was an ugly one.

It's frustrating to watch the Browns fail against Pittsburgh again and again. And again. Nevertheless, I watched the whole game yesterday (with the help a Bloody Mary, okay four). It was pretty ugly. Josh Cribbs had another great all around game. That's about all of the positive I saw.

(Allow me to rant about Josh Cribbs situation for a moment. As I watched him yesterday making plays on offense, returns, and kick and punt coverage, I actually became quite angry at the Browns for not taking care of this guy. He really does put his body on the line every time he lines up with his style of play. He is also our best chance at scoring. Not to mention, when he doesn't get in the end zone on special teams he is giving the Browns excellent field position to squander. Compared to similarly valuable NFL players Josh Cribbs is woefully underpaid. He wants to stay here! Extend his contract before he changes his mind.)


Anderson had another crappy game. He fumbled twice and threw one pick. He was inaccurate generally. When he did make a nice throw, his skill guys often thanked him by promptly dropping it on the ground as it DA had thrown them a bucket of poop. DA made plenty of bad plays all on his own, as he often does. He also made some really nice plays where the supporting cast didn't do it's part. It's too bad. The Browns only lost by two scores, and were in the game (at least on the scoreboard) well into the second half. Maybe if the receivers are hanging on to DA's passes the outcome is different. Maybe the Browns lose 27-21. Who knows. Pittsburgh turned the ball over 4 times. That's the kind of thing the Browns needed to have happen in order to have a chance in this game. Unfortunately, the Browns matched turnover for turnover.

Shaun Rogers played with the flu, and still played well. He commanded double and triple teams and still managed to push the pocket and own the middle of the field. No matter for Pittsburgh. Since it seemed Rogers alone would hold the Pittsburgh running game to average, Ben Roethlisberger just threw the ball all over the field. He threw for nearly a quarter of a mile.

With the exception of Josh Cribbs, the Browns did not run the ball well. That didn't help. Jerome Harrison was okay, but used sparingly. Jamal Lewis struggled. The lack of a running game made Anderson's job even harder. The Steelers were able to focus on the pass and blitz DA plenty. DA does not have a good history when under pressure. Yesterday was no exception. His two later fumbles were painful to watch, yet oddly predictable. In fact, neither fumble surprised me in the least. I didn't even really react to either one. That's just par for the course for DA.

Minus Wimbley, the defense still got pressure on Ben sometimes. I'd like to think if our best pass rusher had been able to play the Browns may have held Ben to only 350 yards passing. The defense did make a great fourth down stop on the Steelers deep in their own territory late in the first half. However, the referee decided that the Steelers were close enough so they got the first down, eventually getting three points.

There really wasn't a lot more to take from this game. It wasn't good. Mohamed Massaquoi proved Braylon Edwards was expendable for the Browns. He managed 5 catches for 83 yards and I believe three drops. Pretty much a Braylon-like game at about a third of the price. So that's something. Otherwise, the Browns proved they are ready for the April draft. They need the talent infusion.

Jack Bacevice

Update (3:59 PM): Copy/paste the following link to see a very classy move by Braylon Edwards.

1 comment:

  1. It is kinda sad to be looking forward to the draft after week five. Good point on the Massaquoi comparison though.