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A step in the right direction

The Cleveland Browns earned their first win of the year!Some say it was an ugly win,and a hard game to watch.I could watch that all year,I'm proud of our defense and special teams unit.Jamal Lewis ran well and looked like a passionate player fighting for his job.There were so many positives out of this week.

Buffalo did shoot themselves in the foot all game,but I was impressed with the Browns determination to win.They seemed to have more desire and an improved chemistry as a team.How about the special teams unit!?Great punting,great coverage,great returns and a couple field goals which were the only points in the game for the Browns.

We won by six points thanks to our special teams,and thanks to our defense for holding the Bills to 3 points.Mike Adams had an outstanding game,he downed the ball twice within a couple yards of the goal on punt coverage.He also made some nice plays on defense.

Besides Adams,some of the key players in the game were Dave Zastudil with some great punts,Jamal Lewis who broke the 100 yard mark,Josh Cribbs was great as always,and Alex Mack is working his butt off and making leaps and bounds in the right direction.The offensive line as a whole played well.

The trouble area was the passing game.D.A. went 2-17 for 23 yards and a pick.There were alot of balls that went off the hands of receivers.There was also a very strong whirling wind in Buffalo.Coach Mangini defends D.A. saying most of those balls should have been caught,and maybe so.

My argument would be that a good QB can put a touch on his passes,especially when passing to rookies,tight ends and a receiver whose only been with the team for two days.I understand there was wind involved,but D.A. looked like he was trying to win a dodge ball game!I think the team has made improvements over the last couple weeks,but I'm not convinced D.A. is the reason why.Prove me wrong Derek!

The bottom line is that overall the Browns are improving.Next week brings a game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.The Steelers started off the season looking like a Super Bowl hangover,but are starting to gain a little steam.Hopefully the Browns will come out with the heart they played with last week,and stop the Steelers dead in their tracks.

The time is now to turn this season around,but it's going to take more than defense and special teams against the Steelers.We need to move the ball someway,somehow.I don't care if it's D.A.,Quinn,Cribbs or all three,but this game is crucial to stay alive this year.I hope the QB and receiving corps can watch the tapes of our defense and special teams unit from last week and find some inspiration for a must win against our rival foes.

By Jeff Fox


  1. I just wish Quinn would have been given the chance Anderson was given last year! 2 and half games! Anderson and Crennel drove last season into the ground, but at least he was given a chance. What happens when Anderson fall on his face this week against Pittsburgh?

  2. Then Mangini falls on his face too!!

  3. Anderson will not fall on his face. Watch the game, you'll see. And Mr. Fox, have you ever heard of anyone asking Favre to throw softer? And reference Quinn getting his chance, he probably will get another chance. If Anderson threw for 50 TD's this year Quinn would win the job next year in camp because of the ownership and fans.