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Unconfirmed Reports Say Browns Have Stomach Flu...

October 21, 2009

... From watching their game film.

Seriously though, let's all hope the players get well. The flu is poopy.


The bad news keeps flowing. D'Qwell Jackson, one of the best players on the team, is out for the year. Crap. The Browns are 1-5. Eek. DA continues to start. Really??

Okay, okay. Let's move on. This season is lost. While we all look forward to October 27th (Cavs v. Celtics!) Let's look at what we can take from this year and build on for next year. It's important. Turnarounds happen in the NFL all the time.

Joe Thomas is an absolute franchise left tackle. He's paving a road to Canton. This isn't really news. He kinda showed this off the first two seasons of his career. It's still worth mentioning because it's important for next year along with...

The O-line isn't bad all things considered. Joe Thomas, Eric Steinbach, Alex Mack, I'll take that for the next five years. We just need to shore up the right side (Is shore spelled right? Is that even the right term? Ah whatever, F--- it). I think the team should spend a high draft pick (not a number 1 though) on a right tackle. If we get a number 2 in the Braylon trade and end up with double deuces (two second rounders) I think one should be a right tackle. Let's get bookends here. A great O-Line is a HUGE help to winning games. We're three-fifths of the way there. The problem is if one man fails on the O-Line everyone fails. We can build this team though. We're not that far on the O-Line. Speaking of the line...

Shaun Rogers alone keeps the D-Line Decent and frankly not far from dominant. Rogers is probably one of the top two or three defensive linemen in the NFL. Sure, pass rushers who get a lot of sacks get a lot of credit as stars, but I'm talking every down guys. Rogers is just an absolute beast up front. The D-Line has been okay this year. If you got another really good player next to Rogers though, you'd really have something. Rogers already commands a double team every play, and triple teams at times. Get an end who commands a double and you're occupying the entire opposition's O-Line. It will open the door for...

Kamerion Wimbley who can apparently sack the quarterback again. He's done an awesome job this year. He missed last week, before that he had 4 sacks in 5 games and had consistently rushed the passer and played as a complete linebacker. If I were ManKok I'd seriously consider extending Wimbley NOW. He has another year on his contract, but an extension would lock him in longer at a cheaper price. If he isn't a star, at least he is a complete player who is very coachable and a quality person off the field and would be a solid starter. If he is as good and productive as he has appeared thus far this season the Browns may have a real force off the edge at a good price for a few years to come. The guy has talent. He has been a productive NFL player. Even his two "down" years (2007, 2008) weren't awful. He has learned to play a more complete game at linebacker (remember he was a defensive end at Florida State). He's someone worth rolling the dice on with a solid (not huge) contract extension. Speaking of extensions...

Pay Josh Cribbs now. This is getting absurd. The best chance the Browns have at a touchdown is a Cribbs kick return followed by a Cribbs punt return. Cribbs in the "Flash" package is probably in the top five. He's also one of the best punt and kick coverage guys in the NFL. Cribbs may also be a solid third wideout in the league. He's certainly a decent fourth wideout. Who knows, maybe he can play some safety?? A special teams ace like this is Jim Tressel's dream. Let's try a little JEOPARDY:

ANSWER: Indianapolis Colts; New England Patriots; Pittsburgh Steelers; Baltimore Ravens

QUESTION: Who are teams that would NEVER let Josh Cribbs get away?

ALEX: Correct!

So hey Browns fans. Those are some things to be positive about.

If you enjoy, or mildly don't hate, my writing, check me out on I will be finishing up my season preview this week and when the season begins (October 27th!!!!!) you will hear from me regularly.

Jack Bacevice

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