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World’s Best Football Players Aren’t In NFL: Reserve Teams Would Change That

By Adam Doc Fox

The current quarterback of your NFL team should be, at the very least, the 32nd best QB in the world. That’s what the coach is implying, right, that even if thirty-one other teams have better field generals, he has found through the draft, free agency, or blind luck, the 32nd best player. We all know, however, that’s not the case.

Not only is the world is too big with too many amazing athletes to really conclude you have one of the tops in the world, but (here’s the point of the article) the NFL has no real farm system or reserve league to allow the fans and teams a chance to see any upcoming or hidden talent outside of college football or the joke Canadian league.
If the Patriots didn’t gamble and throw a usually meaningless sixth-round pick at Tom Brady, the man who threw 5 TDs in one quarter last week would have never existed. It’s time to create a fail-safe, so that in America, in your own city, you can view/support/follow a team full of players that are above the collegiate talent, that perhaps haven’t been given a fair shake, and/or are just Rudys and Tomlinsons waiting to happen.

The NFL Reserve League

I. Policies and Procedures

A. There will be thirty-two reserve teams, corresponding exactly, in the same cities, as the current NFL teams. If you want a reserve team, get an NFL team first. This isn’t about reaching out to new markets or trying to encompass a wider audience. It is about developing Browns (for example) players in the City of Cleveland, with its established fan base. No one wants to root for the Browns reserve team playing in Knoxville (who aren’t even called the Browns, but called the Johnny Warriors). All team names will be kept the same except “B” will be added to the end. The Steelers B will be playing the Browns B on Sunday, for example.

B. The reserve teams will play the exact schedule as their NFL senior team. When the Browns travel to Pittsburgh to beat the Steelers, the reserve team will travel as well. Teams will decide whether the reserves play on Saturday or Sunday, at the same stadium, and whether they play before or after the NFL team.

C. Every NFL rule will be followed without exception (Ok, except salary cap issues will have to be lowered.) No shortened fields, walls, no outlawing fair catches, etc. It will be good classic football without the capitalistic interference.

II. Team Player Pools

A. The Reserve Draft will take place a week after the NFL draft. Players may be drafted from any college, high school, and/or from any league around the world.

B. College players or younger players may skip the NFL draft, at any age, and go play for any reserve team that offers the right price. They will have to play a minimum of two years for that reserve team. At the end of that period, the player can be sold to the parent NFL team or to another NFL team. The player would get half of that sale price.

Bottom Line: The NFL does not have the capacity to ensure all of the very best players are on the field for all 32 teams. Do you know how many college players go undrafted and unsigned? A reserve league would benefit 1) the fans---you can go root for the Browns, take your family and it doesn’t cost much, have good seats, and see growing talent along with witnessing a football performance above the college level, and 2) the teams--- coaches can create game experience in their system for the players and try out QB battles on the reserve team and not make the fans have to endure a three year decision making process.
If nothing else, if your senior NFL team sucks, at least you could watch some form of winning from your reserve team. And a wining mode could carry over when those young guys finally make it to the NFL.

By Adam Doc Fox

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