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Browns Extinguish Offensive Signs of Life; Fall to 1-10

November 30, 2009

I had a hell of a weekend. One of my best friends got married to the most wonderful girl. In Chicago. I was honored to be in the wedding party and flew out of Cleveland on Friday morning, at 8 AM. I spend the weekend living it up on Central time and used a series of about 8 acts of kindness/miracles to make my flight back to Cleveland scheduled to leave O'Hare airport at 10:38 AM Central time because I wanted desperately to catch as much of the then 1-9 Browns as I could because I love the Browns. When I landed in Hopkins I had slept for about 14 hours since I woke up Wednesday morning and slept 0 of those hours in a bed that had sheets. Only about 3 of those hours were in a real bed. At this point I had also last slept in a bed at about 10 AM Central time Saturday morning, and it was an air mattress. On Sunday I slept for about an hour on a couch sitting up with my tux still on. I was tired, but I was determined to watch the whole Browns game. I did. I should have just gone to bed. This is what I saw...

Brady Quinn looked like absolute poop. I took DA to task constantly on this site and BQ deserves the same treatment for his crappy day on Sunday. He was forever throwing to his receivers back hips, or shoes, or over their heads/way out in front of them. The few deep throws he did make were waaaayyyyyy off target. The only redeeming thing Quinn did do was protect the football. Quinn had many bad throws, but never really but the ball in jeopardy. (Unless a football can feel pain since Quinn repeated threw it into the turf.) The closest Cincy came to a pick was a ball that went off of a receiver's hands. I still think Quinn is much, much better than DA. However, Quinn is going to have to make massive strides over the last 5 games in order to show he could be the quarterback of the future. Yesterday he looked like an average back-up, at best.

The receivers were not particularly good. Too many bad routes. Too many drops. Too few good plays. You're telling me Brian Robiskie can't crack the game day roster on this group? Really? Why? Afraid he is going to blow a big block or something that could help the Browns lose and miss the playoffs by one game? What could he do that is so much worse? This guy was picked 36th overall 7 months ago. Why do you now hate him so much Mangini? Why?

The running game may preempt the quarterbacks, receiving corps, and porous right side of the offensive line that is most in need of an offseason upgrade. The Browns had a few decent runs, but for the most part the running game was maddeningly inconsistent and had way to many 0 and 1 yard runs. This couldn't have helped the passing "attack."

Speaking of the offensive "attack," Brian Daboll's playcalling was absolute putrid. It's a joke, really. For those of you scoring at home, that's Well Called Games by Brian Daboll: 1, Horribly Called Games by Brian Daboll: 10. Not very good. Not only is the first year offensive coordinator's playcalling mortifying, but Daboll is showing no improvement. A coordinator should be able to take the talent he has an maximize it. Even the Browns talent deficiency isn't this bad. Daboll almost seems to minimize the talent he has at times. He will probably be gone after this season. (Perhaps Charlie Weis will be available, but that's best left to another column.)

The defense wasn't bad. They weren't exactly stellar either. The Bengals ground game gashed the Browns repeatedly. The tackling was poor. Cleveland couldn't get off the field on too many long Cincy third down attempts. Oh, and the Browns lost their best defensive player for the years. One the one hand, maybe it could be a blessing in disguise to give your 350+ pound star nose tackle who resides on the wrong side of 30 the last 5 games off in a season going no where in a spectacular hurry. On the other hand, you never want to see a player recovering from a serious leg injury. Especially a player like the aforementioned 350+ pound nose tackle on the wrong side of 30.

Overall the game was very ugly and depressing. The Browns are steamrolling towards another top two pick. Usually those players end up overpaid, even if they are good. Awesome. If you find yourself depressed about the state of this franchise, that's because it is depressing.

Jack Bacevice


  1. I wholeheartedly agree with everything but the hopes of Weis coming to run the o. No more Belicheck disciples. Period.

  2. I agree.We have talent its got to be the coaching(and owner)!

  3. While Brady wasn't great, he wasn't even half to blame for the problems. 7-8 drops is unacceptable. No blocking, and no running game.

    With an offense that features no play makers, it's tough to blame the QB especially when Peyton Manning could come to Cleveland and struggle to win 6-7 games.