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A Cleveland so GM-Less

How could he be so Dr. Evil? Multiple sources report that Cleveland Browns GM George Kokinas will now need to update his resume and join the millions of Americans in search of a job. In addition, rumors are floating around that the Director of Football Operations was also shown the exit door. These front office move are necessary for Randy Learner to clear the way to hire a, "strong, credible, serious leader," to essentially run the team.

This move shows that Randy Learner is serious about his pledge to improve the quality of football in Cleveland and produce a winning team on the field. The order in which the major personnel were hired was backward. Usually a team hires the Director of Football Operations (the person in charge of the team), then a General Manager, and finally the Head Coach. It is about as clear as mud whom the big hire is going to be. At least moves are being made.

~Sef Gold

1 comment:

  1. Kokinis was a terrible hire to begin with. He was just a puppet that Mangini could control and turn into his "YES" man. This Cleveland Browns team was doomed from the word Mangini. They never had a chance to become the team that they were in 2007. His style of coaching is more suited for a "Longest Yard" prison style football team that needs child like discipline and Pop Warner Football fundamentals. When you start fining players for water bottle you've lost sight of why you are coach a football team and give back the luster of NFL football to a victory hunger and impatient city. Kokinis, I'm sorry you never factored into the scheme of things in Cleveland. As far as I'm concerned you just showed up to your office abd collected your obscene paycheck. As for Bill Cowher coming to Cleveland...we had our chance and someone blew it BIG TIME! God knows that I would love nothing more than to see "The Chin" on the sidelines for the Browns, but lets be realistic, it's not going to happen. Lerner should've given Cowher a blank check and said, "Name your price, Coach." Thus I ask for Mangini to be a man and step down from the head coaching position and get out of Cleveland as fast as he whipped into town and destroyed a once proud and football loving town. Don't get me wrong, I still do love my Brownies and always will, but you have to admit that when Mangini came into town with his gestapo like regime he really did turn the Browns and the NFL into the "No Fun League" for a lot of people...myself included. Brian - Sharpsville, PA