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Don't draft Tebow

By Bert Daniels

Now that the Browns have been beaten by the worst team in the league – in my estimation that officially demotes the Browns to the worst team in the league. As of right now I believe it is not premature to say, “Don’t draft Tim Tebow.”

The NFL and its media machine continue to try to make fans believe that the “prototype” QB is a fleet of foot hybrid. Part QB, part RB, and part WR. We were told the Michael Vicks of the football world would soon be the rule not the exception. The jury is still out on Vince Young. Four wins does not a revolution make. Remember the Steelers experiment with “Slash”? Shoot, I remember back in the day Randal Cunningham and a few other “running QBs” all were suppose to transform the league. But every blasted one of them were always considered to be maturing as a QB when they stayed in the pocket and passed downfield 1/10th of a millisecond before the defence smashed him into the turf.

Fast forward to the current elite teams in the league. Colts. Eli’s big brother is mobile, but not a scat back. He is a classic passer. Giants. Well, maybe not quite elite, but pretty darn good, and Eli ain’t a runner either. Patriots. Brady is a pure passer, not a runner. Saints; passer. Chargers; passer. Big Ben is mobile, not a runner. Shoot, look in our own history. The best Cleveland QB’s in my cognizant lifetime were Sipe, and Kosar. Sipe was not a running QB and Kosar was darn near immobile, but he too almost took us to the big dance.

The Browns need a QB who is a mobile passer.

Back to Tebow. He is an exceptional young man on and off the field. IF he enters the draft, he will get taken by someone who will use him in a way to showcase his talent and IF he makes it into a starting lineup, he will eventually transform into a passer or he will end up in Canada playing for someone like the Saskatchewan Rough Riders.

Why go the route of waiting for a QB to become a pure passer when you can get a pure passer right off the bat or develop one already in the stable? Maybe pull a Patriot type magic act and draft a kid late and work on him a while. But with Brady Quinn’s performance against Detroit, maybe he has shown the stuff to build and hope on.

The Browns could go ahead and draft Tebow for trade bait and hope there is a team willing to trade several wily veterans for the hope and prayer Tebow offers.

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