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November 2, 2009

I took a week off from to focus on the Cavs and some school/work stuff and because the Browns disgust me. I do have one positive comment leftover from the Green Bay game: Andre Knott does a great job as the radio sideline reporter. Every time they went to Andre he had a great statistic, fact, or insight. Really nice job. Otherwise, the Green Bay game sucked.

You know what else sucked? The Bears game. Here is the defense giving a valiant effort, holding Chicago the field goals, keeping Cleveland in the game. Jamal Lewis had a nice day running the ball, 16 carries for 69 yards is solid. Even Harrison and Cribbs helped the run offense. Rob Ryan's defense did a great job bringing pressure and confusing Jay Cutler. Kamerion Wimbley continued his productive season. He had a sack and forced Cutler forward in the pocket multiple times. Additionally, our defensive line had a strong day so when Cutler was forced up in the pocket, there were big guys there to sack him. The defense has inferior talent in some places, particularly the secondary and the middle linebackers decimated by injury, but the D-Line and the outside backers have done a great job. So they gave up 30 points, yeah, but the Defense was not the problem yesterday.

Let's talk about the problem. Derek Anderson. He's like the housing market in late 2008 and early 2009. You keep thinking it can't possibly get worse, and then it inexplicably does in a way no one anticipated. This happens like 7 times per game with Anderson. He can't get worse, there is not way, and then he does. From what I hear he is a really well liked guy, and that's good and important. There is life beyond football for the guys we watch on Sunday. Derek also has an amazing cannon of an arm. He'd probably be one of the top five players in a Saturday morning flag football league. From time to time Anderson makes a play that is very, very good. He almost exclusively follows that up with 8-12 plays that make you want to throw feces at your own television screen. Throwing poop around you're own house is entirely counterproductive, but watching DA play football can make you a little crazy. There is no way the decision to sit Brady for this long while DA was this miserable is completely motivated by money. It would appear Brady is going to start the rest of the season. Of course, who knows? I can understand the logic behind most of Mangini's decisions, whether I agree with them or not. At least I can see where he's coming from. The quarterback position makes no sense at all. The only way you can make anything out of it is when you factor in the bonus Quinn gets if he takes too many snaps.

Here is the one scenario that could make sense: After a protracted and, in hindsight totally unnecessary and pointlessly elaborate, quarterback competition, Mangini decided Brady Quinn is the better quarterback. Brady Quinn gets the start. The Browns start 0-2 and ManKok quickly realizes this team is going nowhere. It's already time to think about next year. If the team can avoid paying Quinn his playing time based bonus, they would save a lot of cap room and improve flexibility, which is important since ManKok has decided that the team is going nowhere. So after a poop first half against Baltimore, Mangini pounces and yanks Quinn for DA. DA throws three picks, but does move the ball better, so Mangini says he's going with DA. DA has a solid game the next week against Cincinnati in a loss, and follows that with a historically bad game, but a victory! ManKok is covered for playing DA. Things get worse with DA though. He is incredibly bad. ManKok is not surprised. There are blind people living in the wilderness who can plainly see DA sucks. Mangini constantly looks constipated on the sideline because he can't push a 6'6" turd wearing number 3 out of his system. He's got to keep him in to make Brady more reasonably priced. Then he will have half a season to evaluate Brady and he can decide if 1) Brady is worth committing to for next year or 2) Brady is not good enough to start but he is reasonably priced and ManKok can draft a QB and Quinn's salary will make keeping him on as the second quarterback is financially reasonable. Either that or ManKok has been watching something else on Sundays.

It's too bad for a lot of these guys what has gone on this year. Jamal Lewis is winding up his run to Canton, and he has had some solid games this season. He is so despondent, he is ready to retire after the year. If he does retire, Jamal should feel safe working on his Hall of Fame speech. Josh Cribbs is at worst the third best player on the team, yet DA makes about 79 times what he does. Shaun Rogers and Joe Thomas continue to be Shaun Rogers and Joe Thomas and their efforts and talents deserve some wins. Kamerion Wimbley remembered how to consistently get to the quarterback and make an impact rushing the passer. Mohamad Massaquoi is showing some promise. Mike Furrey will do anything at any time in order to try to help the team. Alex Mack is progressing and looks to be a good fit. Dave Zastudil should get serious Pro Bowl consideration.

There are so man problems beyond the quarterback situation. No one, with the possible exception of Furrey, catches the ball with any consistency. The running game has it's bad days, and those days are quite bad. The offense lacks playmakers. The defense is too easily gashed for big plays. Without the threat of a passing game, it's very difficult to sustain a running game and control the clock. It's unclear whether Brian Daboll understands an offense needs to get ten yards for a first down or, if he does, whether he knows any good, or mildly sensible, play calling strategies to get that task accomplished. There is a lack of overall talent in the secondary.

If you don't know what else to do, watch the Cavs.

Jack Bacevice


  1. You should really come up with a better headline, than "Gross."

    The headline should be one sentence that is written in a way to draw readers to your article.

  2. Screw that last guy...that was beautiful!!! Well said my man!!!

    Brian - Sharpsville, PA

  3. To win in the NFL you need preium QBs. Big Ben, Flacco, and Palmer will continue to leave the Browns at the bottom of the AFC North. Its that simple.