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Kok Out, Man Stands Alone

November 3, 2009

So George Kokinis was escorted out of the building and out of the nightmare 2009 season yesterday. Okay. Weird. Rarely does a GM take the fall after 8 games. It takes a long time to evaluate the work a GM does. Of course, Kok wasn't your typical GM. It was widely assumed that Kok, handpicked by Man(gini) after Man was hired, was little more than Mangini's right hand yes man. That assumption was apparently confirmed by Kokinis's ouster.

I suspect another suspicion will be confirmed on November 16th when we see Brady Quinn at quarterback. The suspicion being that Quinn was benched in order to avoid escalators in his contract that paid him approximately another $11 million if he took 70 percent of the snaps this season. Derek Anderson has been historically bad. He has the lowest quarterback rating this late into the season since 1981 (Marc Wilson), and the fewest yards passing with a minimum of 80 attempts since 1981 (Vince Evans). (Stats taken from, citing STATS LLC) Consider that for a moment. Last time someone had a QB rating so low (Marc Wilson) he still managed to throw for more yards than DA. Last time someone few for so few yards (Vince Evans) he managed to have a better quarterback rating. DA manged to be historically awful in both ways. My head hurts. Derek Anderson is absolutely awful.

Does Kokinis have a legacy? He nominally presided over the 2009 draft and pulled the trigger on the Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow trades, which impact the 2010 draft. It seems unlikely he really did even that though.

Fans who complain about Randy Lerner can take heart that he appears to be as upset as the rest of us about the state of this team. My Dad was watching local TV coverage of the Browns last night. He told me Doug Dieken pointed out that the Browns could have 3 or 4 Pro Bowlers (Joe Thomas, Shaun Rogers, Josh Cribbs, Dave Zastudil)
and are still this awful! What's the deal? Why can't the Browns parlay the talent they do have into something resembling competitiveness? The blame has to lay at the feet of Mangini. Kokinis is out, but don't feel too bad for him. I'm sure he will be well compensated for not showing up in Berea every day. Maybe now someone will give him a chance to actually be a General Manager...

Jack Bacevice

1 comment:

  1. Nick C. (yes it's me Jack)November 3, 2009 at 12:29 PM

    To answer you question, 2 of those 4 players you mentioned are prodominately special teamers. Which we do have one of the best special teams units in the game. Unfortunately the browns are made up of solid special teams players, which does not translate well into a solid offense or defense. Believe it or not our D is not to bad, yes we rank near the botton of the league in stats, but look at what happens everygame, our D plays strong until mid third quarter when they are worn down physically and mentally, and thats when other teams run up their stats. I would also like to point out that of the 26 people Mangini has released I believe only 5 are still in the NFL. Do not hold me to those exact numbers, but I believe it is something close. Either way that shows the amount of garbage on this team. Bottom line if the O was not a complete joke our D would atleast keep us competative.