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Mangini has to go!

By James Alan

The only bright spot on this entire team is Rob Ryan. He has the defense playing like an NFL team, but even a great NFL defense can't play 50 minutes of a 60 minute game and expect to win or play well in the forth quarter.

At this point the only person Mangini hired that looks good is Rob Ryan. Fire Mangini, put Ryan in as head coach till the end of the season, and then go get Chucky (Jon Gruden) to coach the team. At least Gruden could see potential in the offense that I don't believe anyone else in the country could see as he sat up there in the booth praising a miserable Brady Quinn.

Mangini has been lost since he got off the plane from New York earlier this year and took the job. Mangini has locked down the Browns since he took over by forbidding any of the players and coaches to talk to the press, and when he talks to the press he is evasive and misleading. I think we are learning why Mangini is so secretive. It's obvious he doesn't know what he is doing as a coach. Even a fool is thought wise until he opens his mouth to reveal otherwise.

The problem Mangini hasn't learned is that on the football field the problems display themselves very quickly. He didn't learn it in New York where he played Farve when Farve should have been on the IR list (got fined this season for that infraction), didn't pull Farve when his performance suffered, and ended up loosing out the season. Why Randy Lerner didn't see these signs is another story.

If Mangini is still here at the start of next season I'm afraid there won't be many Browns fans to support him or the team.


  1. Apparently Gruden has signed an extension to continue working for ESPN for a couple more years, so it looks like that ship has sailed.....

  2. For Pete's sake, I hope the forthcoming Football Czar will think offense when he hires head coach whoever. Obviously it goes without saying Manwienie has to go. Zero confidence in a head coach is like poison to the current players and is a repellent to free agents.

    By the way... pay Josh Cribbs!