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Mid-Season Meltdown

At least Brodney Pool got an interception. In addition, Dave Zastudil currently leads the NFL in number of punts inside the 20-yardline. On the lighter side of things, Rob Ryan’s sideline tirades have been the most entertaining aspect of each game. Maybe Ryan should be considered for head coach. After another thrilling, edge of the seat offensive performance, Ryan’s words to Jay Cutler should be repeated to the O.  

With the quarterback merry-go-round working as well as a car without oil, the question has to be asked when Brett Ratliff is going to get his chance. Ratliff could not possibly be any worse. True, everything is not DA’s fault. There were the ever-common dropped passes, fumbles and miscommunication on routes. Add that with a cool pick six and the result is nothing short of dynamite. The defense once again played well enough to keep the Browns in the game and special teams has been the highlight of the season. The bye week could not have come at a better time.

            Rumors are swirling that Randy Learner is going to bring in a person to oversee the entire football side of the organization. This position would be similar to Bill Parcells’ job in Miami and would be given to a person with comparable credibility. This might be the Browns’ best move they have made since returning. Someone like Bill Cowher could come in and instantly improve the atmosphere and attitude. With the bye week coming at the halfway point in the season, the Browns have two weeks to figure out how to produce a better second half of the season. Lets hope they come up with something.

~Sef Gold

1 comment:

  1. Look for serious consideration this week to remove Daboll from OC duties. The play calling has been too vanilla and just atrocious.

    Lerner is asking for Mangini's plan for the rest of the season. I have a feeling that if DA is apart of that future, Lerner is going to have to consider an early termination. If Mangini also goes 0-6 against our division opponents this year, I think he's as good as gone.