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The Past May Bring Back the Good Times

From 1985 to 1990, the Cleveland Browns reached the playoffs every year. The reason that this is relevant is because during those six years, Ernie Accorsi was the Browns' General Manager. Most recently, Accorsi was responsible for putting together the Giants team who beat the undefeated Patriots to win the Super Bowl just two seasons ago. If Randy Learner lets him run the team, he both reconnects with the past and makes a brilliant move.

This came at the perfect time. The current season may be gone, yet this gives Accorsi the second half of the year to get his people in Cleveland and build a foundation for the revival of the Cleveland Browns. This shifts the power of the team over to an experienced, credible GM, something the Browns have not had since returning. The bottom line is that football teams ran by Ernie Accorsi are winners. He will hire the right people and make the right moves. It is only a matter of time before the Cleveland Browns are back on top of the AFC North.

~Sef Gold

1 comment:

  1. "Cleveland Browns back on top of the AFC North"...Your kidding right.

    There's a better chance of Rush Limbaugh becoming a Democratic Liberal Spokesman.

    The Browns will remain at the bottom for years to come. Here's why.

    1. No QBs. To win in this league you must have a top level QB. ie: Big Ben, Flacco, Palmer.
    (by the way those guys will be around for at least another ten years)

    2. Coaching. Its been a joke sense the rivial of the franchise.

    3. Ownership. No willing to get "the best of the best" of GMs and Coaches.

    4. Players. Who the hell wants to play for the Browns. The answer is nobody. Top talent will continue to leave.

    5. The AFC North. The Steelers are arguably the best franchice in all of sports. They have won consistently for the last 30 years. Thats not going to stop. They have the best owners, coaches, and players on a consistent basis.

    The Ravens have built a respectable franchise in only a few years. They are consistently a winning team.

    The Bungels, well they are equally as laughable as the Browns. Whats is amazing is how much they have underachieved with the talent they have on that team.

    The Browns will remain at the bottom of the division and the NFL.