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Wouldn't 8-8 be great?

By Bert Daniels

Wouldn't 8-8 be great? Repeating a worn out practice of Browns fans, I was daydreaming of "Next Year". As I plugged the hopes of a football Czar and the possibility of a proven, winning coach into my fantasy, I thought with free agent signings, a couple of impact players taken in the draft, a new attitude with hopes of success, I dreamed that maybe we could go 8-8! Gee wiz, 8-8. Who'd a thunk it that Brown's fans would be fantasizing about a .500 season? That's like wishing to take your buddy's grandma to the prom when he is taking a supermodel.

But that's where we are at. Hoping for mediocrity. Come to think of it, a touchdown would be nice. As much as I hated Trent Dilfer's well publicized trashing of the Browns, I have to admit that he must have a point about the Browns' organization if things are this bad. For crying out loud, they can't score a touchdown or get a first down unless it's Josh Cribbs on a wildcat or gadget play. Jamal Lewis backs into the line at this point of his career, and Brady Quinn throws successive passes 10 yards out of bounds, and while needing 8 yards for a first down the ball is thrown 3 yards. Receivers drop the odd pass that reaches them on target providing they made the correct reads and actually run in the direction the pigskin is going to land.

Blame has got to be laid on the only consistent presence since the beginning of Browns part II. Front office.Coaches, players, coordinators, schemes, themes and philosophies have all come and gone and the result is way, way below average. Like red "F" below average. The front office have put the Browns in the un-enviable position as league laughing stock. If the Cleveland Browns want to be 8-8 the front office has to make it happen. Now, Randy (on the job learner) Learner doesn't design plays or directly draft the high paid busts, so don't even go there with me. But VP's, assistant to's, director of, chief this, head of that, are the decision makers that everyone calls Randy Learner or the front office. These are probably all good God fearing, salt of the earth, moms and dads, who deserve a chance to make a living, but... They have consistently delivered a red "F" product. I hope the forthcoming football Czar has the authority to re-assign these folks to duties they can find success. As football decision makers - I'm sorry, nah, not so much, going in a different direction.

But dream with me Browns fans. A coach that actually attracts free agents. An offense that actually executes rather than should be. Two touchdowns in a, a dare we say it... game. Running through the endzone and into Dawg pound imitating a Lambeau leap. Field position. The red zone. Going for it on 4th down for winning reasons, not nothing left to lose. A rested defense. Trick plays and wildcat offense formations that are a rarity rather than a staple. More than one kickoff in a game. Ahh. Someday, 8-8! 8 wins in a season! Then dreaming about "Next Year" might include the "P" word!

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