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2010 Cleveland Browns Draft (What They Should Do...)

By: Jeremy Poe

Round 1 --- Rolando McClain, LB, Alabama

Why Rolando McClain you might ask? It is becoming evident very quickly that the Browns lack a true leader on the defensive side of the ball, a quarterback of the defense if you will. If you look at the top defensive units in the National Football League, what do they all have in common? Yes, they all have that one guy they all feed off of, the great ones (if lucky) have two or more. The Pittsburgh Steelers have James Harrison and Troy Polamalu, the Baltimore Ravens have Ray Lewis and Ed Reed, and yes, the Cincinnati Bengals have one "in waiting" in Rey Maualuga. In order to compete in the rugged AFC North, you must be able to run the football and also stop it. Our beloved Cleveland Browns have not been able to consistently do either of the two, hence their obscenely abysmal record since returning to the league in 1999.

Now having said that, the reason I chose Rolando McClain is this...

1. He is the captain of the #1 ranked defense in Division I college football

2. He is a 6'4 260 pound hard-hitting, intimidating linebacker who will likely also be a 6'4 260 pound hard-hitting, intimidating, "national champion" linebacker

3. he is easily better than any linebacker the Browns have had in 10 years

If and that is a very strong "if", Brady Quinn is considered a potential franchise QB by season's end, then it is time to find that franchise linebacker to lead the defense in the same way. This will give the future front office a much clearer picture of the team and how to build it. Do me a favor future football czar... DRAFT ROLANDO McCLAIN!


  1. If the Browns have one of the top three picks, then they should do one of two moves.

    1. Pick Ndamukong Suh if he is still available.


    2. If Suh is not available, then trade down to acquire more picks.

    This is their options and that's it.

  2. Hmmmmm . . . ummmmmm . . . well, no. To go this direction, you have to convince me that Suh is not more what is needed. With the number of draft choices and the economics of it all, I wouldn't be surprised to see Clevelaned with 2 first round picks. Recent trends seem to indicate that adding a powerful RB is a key element in manning a playoff contending team. Spiller sounds like a decent possibility. He might be around as low as 15-18 in the first round.

  3. We have two good running backs already in Harrison and Jennings. We need another good offensive lineman on the right side. We pick a good defensive palyer in the first round and then the best offensive lineman available in the second round.

  4. thats our problem .. instead of picking the best player available we trade down for more players with less talent and are even a less of an impact player and HERE WE ARE AGAIN....
    WHat good is 20 picks if they all are so so ball players ??

  5. We need a REAL QB.. BQ or DA is NOT the answer.
    The line is doing okay.. its not that much of an issue.
    Our QB accuracy is a MAJOR issue .. along with the dropped passes.
    Our QB's are backups at best.
    We need a franchise QB and then build around him.
    We tooka gamble on Quinn and it looks like we lost.

  6. Tim Tebow would fit in well the way the Browns have been running the offence and when he does throw the long ball hes pretty accurate. Go with Tim Tebow as our first pick.

  7. Tim Tebow would fit in well the way the Browns have been running the offense and when he does throw the long ball he's pretty accurate. Go with Tim Tebow as our first pick.

  8. Eric Berry. The best saftey to come out in years. Stop the long ball pick up a wr and lb in the next couple of rounds and the playoffs are just a year away.

  9. If available Eric Berry Would solve a lot of the defensive problems we have been having. He would be guarding the best receivers and give the line more time to get to the QB. Would be a great pick.

  10. i think that Eric Berry would be a great addition to our team, especially considering he is leaps and bounds better than Elam or Pool. We need a difference maker on defense and he is my first choice - if taken before us then draft McClain or Spikes (with Jackson, Roth, Bowens, McClain) we would have a great LB core for the next few years. Berry is a safe pick at 5 or 6 NO CLAUSEN HE SUCKS!! Trade a player for Hassellbeck to run the WCO Holmgren wants - I understand he hasn't been playing well this year, but he understands the Holmgren WCO plays better than anyone on the team.


    QB: Try to get Hassellbeck for a late draft pick and player or player swap
    This will be important for us as we transition into the WCO now that Holmgren is leaning toward that style of offense

    RB: Free agency bruisers Chester Taylor VIKINGS or Willie Parker PUKESBURG

    WR: No need to go crazy we have a good set of young receivers that we can build

    TE: Free agency Anthony Fasano MIA a good TE that is known for his 2008 comeback Miami dolphin run to the playoffs! I liked the kid at ND and think he would fit in well the WCO and Quinn at QB (or Hassellbeck)

    OT: This should be the focus for our #2 pick of the draft or later to the #3 pick
    With the WCO we need pass protection badly and need it through the draft. There isn’t much to choose from through Free agency, and wouldn’t waste my time with mediocre players. I like Ciron Black LSU OT or Brian Bulaga IOWA OT any big, quick off the ball guy will do.

    OG: This should be the focus for later round 4 or 5, with the Right Tackle taken in the #2 pick our line should improve quite a bit. May try to use the players we already have to find out who belongs on the right side of the ball for RG

    Feel free to add in the players you would rather see us grab – I know the Hassellbeck is a bad decision on most of the browns fans for next year, but he knows the HOLMGREN WCO better than anyone we have on board!!


    Not sure if Holmgren will change the defense to a 4-3 as it is his defense he likes in the NFL, but we will act as if they don’t

    DT: No changes needed, I understand that we are injury prone on defense but we have some solid boys playing the down linemen position and we don’t need any help in the up and coming year

    NT: I like Shaun Rogers and I’m sure most of you do to – Some people say to trade him for a #1 and #2, but anyone we get isn’t going to be as dominant as he is already! Keep him

    LB: I have a few areas to hit with linebacker core (sign: Jackson, Roth) these are two players we are happy to have part of the Browns keep them – I am not sure what to do with our #1 pick of the draft considering our great 3 game streak. This should place us in the 5th or 6th position on the boards for the 2010 draft. If ERIC BERRY my hopeful #1 pick is taken before us, then I say go after Rolando McClain or Brandon Spikes. This will make a LB tandem that will be tough to stop!

    SS: Our focus in the draft at the #1 position is Eric Berry Tenn. He is a mean defensive player that would be nice as a run and pass stopper for the Browns. If taken before our spot, then we can keep Elam in that spot and upgrade the LB position with that pick, as well as the FS position by Free agency with Bethea

    FS: My number one free agency pickup this offseason is in the free safety position with Colts FS Bethea – he has proven to be a starting FS in the NFL, and will for sure start at that spot for the Browns. May be able to pick up Mays with the #1 pick of the draft if Berry isn’t available and you don’t think LB is a need.

    CB: Our secondary needs major help – whether our draft status is two picks in the 2nd or two picks in the third, I think the browns need to use both on new CB’s or one on a new CB and one in the Free agency. Myron Lewis 6-2 205 Vandy and Jerome Murphy USF 6-1’ 185 and Javier Arenas BAMA 5-9’ 195 are my choices at the #3 draft spot if we are lucky. McDonald needs to get replaced. This is also an area we can use on Free agency with Elis Hobbs contract being up at the end of the season, I say we try and get him. More than likely will sign with Eagles, but worth a try.

    Feel free to add in the players you would rather see us grab – I only used up pick #1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 you can add or subtract any players in those positions, but would like to see what you think we should do in each position.

  13. Trade DA and S. Rodgers to Tampa for the 4th pick in the first round. The Browns played good without Rodgers the last couple of games of the season, and he hasnt been as good in Cleveland as he was in Detroit. Draft a combo of Berry, Haden, or Mccoy and sement Clevlands defense.

    Also would consider Dez Bryant, he was force ineligable in 2009 to play college ball, but looks like possibly the best WR available.

  14. I'd Like to see Josh Cribbs return, but if he requests a trade then good luck to retaining him in 2010. When I think about it, we could trade JC and Rodgers away for more early picks of the draft and solidify our defense and vacancy's on offense with releasing these players. We can trade away one 1st round pick for players and still have two left with the JC and rodgers trade - also we would have many picks in the 1st 2nd and 3rd round if it all falls into place. We have enough cap room to do so, but JC would be a hard one to let go. Reasons for this would be to gain younger tough players for Mangini to improve! you could go defense with first pick or RT, we should seriously look at BULAGA IOWA RT later in the 1st to fill the void! He man-handled the star DE for GT

  15. First of all Taylor Mays is a waste of skin-looks the part but he sucks!Radical thought...Maiava sheds 15-20 pounds and moves to safety. He's fast , has a motor and hits a ton. Back to reality-Trading sean Rodgers never occurred to me but I like it if we could get a 1&2 and why shouldn't we? Linebackers-tea I like Mcclain over Spikes.A guy I really like as a pure pass rusher is Brandon Graham from michigan.
    Last but by no way least, I want someway somehow, Tim Tebow. All the so called experts knock is throwing motion, he holds the ball to low, has a slow release; BUT HE'S A FRICKIN' WINNER! I can't pass on this kid. If people went on looks and mechanics alone we would have never heard of Bernie Kosar-another guy that all he did was WIN!

  16. We seriously need pass defense. Take Eric Berry or Joe Haden. Forget WR, stallworth will return, harrison will rule at RB. DEFENSE IS NEEDED!!!