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Cleveland Browns 2010 Draft Thread

The Cleveland Browns 2010 Draft Thread gives you the fans a place to discuss all the latest Cleveland Browns mock draft 2010 talk and rumors. What are the Browns highest 2010 draft priorities,who should be picked where and when? Should the Browns trade down on draft day, should they pick a QB and when should a QB be drafted? Lets get the discussion started, there is no sign up process just use the comment box below (or click on comments to begin). We will keep this thread accessible from the main page all the way up to the Cleveland Browns next draft.

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  1. Well I didn't really see this three game winning streak coming, or being able to lure Mike Holgren for that matter so things have really been changing quick.

    With the addition of Holgren I look for him to go with offense in his first draft based on his history. In particular I look for him to clean up the QB situation as soon as he can, and my prediction is he will try to trade both current QB's if he can for picks (no not very high picks). I also think there is a very good chance he will trade draft picks for a starting QB like he did with Hassleback in Seattle, thus I don't think the Browns will be making a 2010 first round draft pick. You ask why the Browns will trade for a QB, I will tell you on the 2010 ESPN Draft Board the #4 player is Jimmy Clausen and #5 is Sam Bradford the Browns won't want to touch either.

    If for some reason the Browns don't trade down before the draft I look for them to use their first round pick on defensive back Eric Berry out of Tennessee if they can as he can help out the offense with changing the field position as he is probably the second most talented player in the draft. The other rounds of the Browns 2010 Draft will be very offensive oriented. In particular look for the Browns to stock up on receivers in rounds 2 and 3. The tricky part here is the wide receiving group doesn't seem that deep look for the Browns to go with WR Brandon LaFell (LSU) if he falls out of the 1st round or pick WR Arrelious Benn (Illinois). In round three I am looking at WR Jordan Shipley (Texas) or WR Eric Decker (MN) and I would go with Decker. Going into round four I look for running back Ryan Mathews if he falls that far. I know this is to many offesive players but the Browns are going to look to improve on offense first.

  2. I think Sam Bradford will be available with their first pick and they should take a chance on him. You need a good QB to win in the NFL right now, and he has a chance to be a very good one. If they have a chance to take Benn, they should he is going to be a good NFL player with someone better throwing him the ball than "Juice".

  3. Suh will be the #1 pick.
    The rams will pick #1 and the need a big DT.

  4. The Rams need a QB right now if they want to win games sooner than later. Either way, Suh is gone prior to our pick as Detroit would be taking him assuming they had the #2 pick.