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Dang it! I don’t know what to think!

By Bert Daniels

Ever since the Browns beat the Steelers I can’t get this sh*t eating grin off my face. Everything is up in the air, probably starting over again next year with a new... well everything. QB hurt, RB maybe a one week wonder, or the real deal; wide outs inconsistent and unproven. On and on, but I’m still sporting a smug little grin.

However, I don’t have a grip on some stuff. I don’t know what to think.
· Defence superb against Pittsburgh, but miserable at KC.
· Quinn wins 2 in a row, but still looks bad sometimes. Embarrassing really.
· Do I sense Manwienie has something good beginning to happen? Is the team is responding?
· I like the idea of Holmgren as Prez/czar, but as soon as the media mouths started to toss Marty ‘stunk up Detroit’ Mortinwig’s name along with Holmgren’s... I get a knot in my gut.
· The West Coast offence!?! Here? Buddy Ryan used to call it the ‘dink and dunk’. Buddy also said Middle East countries that make trouble with the USA should become ‘a parking lot’. I like Buddy. I’ll cut his son some slack for the old man’s sake. (see 1st bullet)
· If Manwienie stays, its “Oh crap”, if he goes and we don’t get one of the big name free agent coaches it like, “Oh crap”, if we get one, and after reading Don Banks of SI and his report on the pitiful performances of superbowl winning coaches with a new team, its, “Oh crap” again.
· DA will finish out the season now that Quinn is hurt. What if he runs the table? He’s capable. I want the Browns to win and DA to do well, but next year we gotta go in a different direction than the see saw we’ve been on.
· Randy Learner is has impressed everybody as wanting to win, deeply caring, and committed to Cleveland. But something sticks in my craw. If he is such a good owner, why in the world does he not pay Josh Cribbs? For crying out loud! The kid is an A-#1 top notch rising star that is the one and only bright spot in a dismal era. He is a good human being too. Quality individual. Like the ESPN countdown segment says, “C’mon man!” By paying Cribbs he would send the players a message. Work hard, be a team player, excel, beat the odds, be a Brown through and through and you will be rewarded.

The message Learner is sending now... “No matter how much of a positive asset to this organization you are, even to the point of getting into the NFL record books, it doesn’t matter. I’m too busy to with zillion dollar stuff and other interests to notice your outstanding, record breaking year. I’ll reward you all in good time. Now to an unproven super star that hasn’t proven anything that holds out, I’ll pay them, but you guys who have earned your respect the hard way, by earning it, you’ll have to wait”

C’mon man!

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