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10 Quick pre playoff thoughts

10 Pre-playoff quick thoughts
By Bert Daniels

#1 I agree with Jack Bacevise’s Gruden Hypothetical. Prez Mike played it really safe… for himself. With this hypothetical Mike can’t lose even if the Brown do.

#2 To remove Josh Cribbs’ potential points from the 2010 scoreboard is devastating to this team at this time. He was all the offense Cleveland had for most of the season. Yes, hopefully the progress made offensively will continue but game changers like Cribbs are few and far between. Like NFL record book few and far between The message Big Mike is sending is a bad one. Players don’t want to come to Cleveland. They must be paid to come here. I guess Mike is going to be tight with the check book. Hmm, #1 saves money, #2 saves money… I think I sense a pattern developing.

#3 The winning streak must be put into and kept in perspective. Bad teams were who we beat. The Steelers were a bad team too that day. I reserve the right to not jump on the Mangini bandwagon just yet. Let’s see him beat a few good teams or win a few games we should not.

#4 I hate all throw back uniforms except the Patriots. Honorable mention goes to the Bucs.

#5 Shanny in DC. Who gives a hoot? Unless Elway is reincarnated there will be no glory in the District of Columbia.

#6 Teams that scare me in the playoffs.
· New England
· Dallas
Either one of those teams in prime time make me nauseous.

#7 So, what about the Brownie’s QB woes? My money is on DA going, this will save some bucks, and I would further bet some saggy old veteran will be brought in to begin as Quinn’s backup. Can you say Hasslebeck? One year left on his contract, but many NFC blogs report he is all but g-o-n-e from the SeaTac area. Can you smell another Mangini training camp QB controversy?

#8 Wide outs for Cleveland. Develop and wait or open the check book Mike. But since you won’t do it for a playmaker like Josh Cribbs, I guess we will wait and therefore continue to see balls thrown 15 yards from the nearest receiver, and dazed high school type looks from QB’s and receivers alike.

#9 The future is interesting for Cleveland. Probably a better one than recent past we endured, but still with a few annoying elements to keep us cautious. However, to assume this is the trail that leads to the Lombardi Trophy is premature, very much so. If the Gruden Hypothetical is correct, then we are in for a long, long season in 2010.

#10 I did see improvements that were nice. With #3 above in perspective, a tribute to success must be acknowledged. I sincerely hope the best for the current crop of Browns. They have endured one wicked year which they eventually were rewarded by churning out a four game winning streak. You made us cheer, and mostly you restored hope. Thanks guys.

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