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Holmgren and Heckert's First Draft As Members of the Cleveland Browns Should Look Like This!

By: Optimistic Browns Fan (Jeremy Poe)

Based on taking the best player available, where each player is being projected to be taken, and if we are going strictly by where the Browns are slotted in the draft, all trades aside, here is how the inaugural first half of the draft of the Holmgren-Heckert-Mangini tandem should go.

"With the 7th pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns select Rolando McClain, ILB, Alabama."

If Eric Berry (FS, Tennessee) were to slip into the Browns lap at #7, then they would be insane to pass on him. Others for consideration would be Trent Williams (OT, Oklahoma) to sure up the right side of the offensive line in solidifying the run game and pass protection or Taylor Mays (SS, USC) to play in the box in run support a la Troy Polamalu.

"With the 7th pick of the second round of the 2010 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns select Brandon Graham, OLB, Michigan."

Depending upon whether Braylon Edwards' production while a member of the New York Jets warrants the picks the Browns acquired in the trade to be upgraded, if so then here would be my next choice.

"With the 25th pick of the second round of the 2010 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns acquire Jordan Shipley, WR, Texas from the New York Jets."

Others worth considering with those two picks are Jerry Hughes (OLB, TCU), Sergio Kindle (OLB, Texas), and Desmond Briscoe (WR, Kansas).

Again, assuming the conditional pick acquired from the Jets upgrades to the second round, that would leave the Browns with one choice in the third round. Here is what I would do.

"With the 7th pick of the third round of the 2010 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns select Javier Arenas, CB, Alabama."

Other conceivable choices could be Perrish Cox (CB, Oklahoma State) or Jared Odrick (DT, Penn State).

In selecting Rolando McClain, the Browns will have found a leader in which to build a defense around (think Ray Lewis!). Not only does McClain have the size at 6'4 260, but he is an outstanding tackler and has exceptional speed from sideline to sideline. He really lays the lumber on opposing ball carriers and can provide a pass rush. Add in the fact that he was the captain of the #1 defense in the country and is a national champion gives him the pedigree the Browns are longing for on their football team. He is the player Mangini is looking to lead his defense. Having a solid veteran like Eric Barton to tutor him will only benefit his growth and adjustment to the NFL.

In choosing Brandon Graham, they will have discovered a natural pass rushing machine that they can flank the aforementioned McClain with (think Terrell Suggs!) and play opposite former first rounder Kam Wimbley. He is also stout in stopping the run and that is Mangini's first and foremost priority on defense. Graham is eerily similar to Steelers All-Pro Lamarr Woodley in not only the university they attended, but also in their size and the aggressive way in which they play the game. Graham would be another dawg in the kennel for Rob Ryan to unleash on his opponent. Having Wimbley, Graham, Roth, and Bowens on the outside is a pretty darn good quartet.

I know drafting another wide receiver in the second round of the draft doesn't sound all too appealing to Browns fans, however, the versatility that Jordan Shipley can bring to your football team cannot be overstated. He is a big-game player that has stick-em' hands in traffic, is an accomplished route runner, and has gamebreaking speed in the open field. With the ball in his hands, he is a threat to take it to the house on any part of the field and at any time. Shipley is also a dangerous threat on kick and punt returns which could take some of the load off of Joshua Cribbs' back and allow him to be utilized more in the offense. If the Browns can add a consistent veteran receiver to allow Massaquoi and Robiskie to develop, playing Shipley in the slot a la Brandon Stokley will only provide whoever is behind center with more weapons to go in to games with guns blazing. Jordan Shipley would instantly become a fan favorite among Browns fans, believe that!

And last but not certainly not least, another interesting talent the Browns might be wise to select in April's draft is Javier Arenas. Arenas has the athletic bloodlines being the cousin of recently troubled NBA star Gilbert Arenas, let's just hope those are the only bloodlines he has with his more famous relative. Arenas, Javier that is, can bring versatility similar to that of the previously mentioned Jordan Shipley. He is versatile in that he is an excellent cover corner suited for the nickel and dime packages in the NFL and is also an equally if not more lethal return specialist than Shipley. The key in drafting for the NFL, any general manager will tell you, is value. Considering the Browns average pass defense and strong emphasis on winning the special teams battle, a player like Javier Arenas will certainly provide the Cleveland Browns with the most value they could hope for out of a pick in this round of the draft.
Do you disagree? Let me know what you think...


  1. I like the 1st rounder and 3rd rounder (McClain/Arenas) I think free agency will determine our 1st day of draft picks. From what I hear, Holmgren/Heckert is looking for a QB (McNabb/Kolb) posibilities (would cost us a lot). I wasn't too happy with picking a QB early, but what can it hurt? If we are going on efficiency then Oklahoma QB Bradford is the guy - look for defense early or no 1st pick of the draft due to huge McNabb trade. If this is the case get rid of both DA and BQ for draft picks. At this point I hope we can lure players to the dawg pound in free agency (marshall, boldin, c. taylor, Bethea, etc.) if the cards are played right we can do a number on free agency and draft accordingly. IM EXCITED!! IF YOU PAY THEM THEY WILL COME!!

  2. trade BQ to Rams or Denver take a 2nd/3rd rounder
    trade DA to Raiders take 3rd rounder
    move Rubin NT Rodgers DT
    Keep Vickers - Harrison - Roth - Jackson - Cribbs
    Free agency:
    WR: only 1 if we can grab one
    RB: Chester Taylor or Parker
    QB: if lucky McNabb released/Kolb
    FS: Bethea
    RG: Any big guy that can help
    1.) Dez Bryant (amazing talent you can't pass on) good for us when we do have our QB.
    2.) Sean Witherspoon LB Missouri (if we don't draft McClain)
    2.) Parrish Cox CB OK ST. (helps with depth)
    (Trade BQ-rams/denver)
    2.) Javiar Arenas CB BAMA (helps with depth)
    (Trade DA-raiders)
    3.) Kyle Calloway OT IOWA (good prospect)
    3.) Kam Chancellor FS VIRGINIA (6'3" 230)4.5
    4.) Tony Moeaki TE IOWA (underrated)
    5.) Blount RB OREGON (nice value! considering he was a 1st at the beginning of the year)
    this would complete our loop holes and start building a team - I would be pleased with Bryant at the first pick of the draft or McClain - two huge prospects.

  3. Not a bad draft. I would like to see your later round projections.

  4. BROWNS 2010 Checklist

    1. Get a new O.C.
    2. Hire Holmgreen as Pres. of Football Operations (Check!)
    3. Put Rubin at NT, Rogers and (Peters) at DE. OLB's Wimbley and Roth, ILB's D'Qwell and Bowens.
    4. Free agency- WR (Boldin, Owens, or Brandon Marshall, all will most likely be leaving their teams.) QB (McNabb, trade BQ, Corey Williams, our extra 5th, and 6th round picks this year, with a future pick from our 2011 draft.)
    5. Draft- 1st round FS Eric Berry, TENN. 2nd round CB Arenas, ALA. 3rd round RT Sam Young, ND. 4th Round LG John Jerry, MISS. 5th round DE Corey Peters, KEN. 6th round RG Brandon Carter, Texas Tech. 7th round RB Blount, ORE. Dream scenario is to package our extra 3rd, and 5th pick with a player (DA) to move up and take SS Taylor Mays USC, because he will slip to the late first or early second round.
    6. Pay Josh Cribbs!!!! Re-sign D'Qwell Jackson, Jerome Harrison, Lawrence Vickers, Pool, Evan Moore and Matt Roth.
    7. My 2009 Draft choices, Round 1-Clay Mathews Jr., Round 2 Rey Maulaluga, Phil Loadholt, Paul Kruger, Round 4 Brian Hartline, Round 6 Morgan Trent.

  5. 1. Get a new O.C.
    2. Trade for McNabb, Kolb, or even Hassleback
    3. Free Agency - Get Bodden back(played a hell of a season with patriots), Bethea, Owens/Marshall/Boldin and pay them bc we NEED a true #1 WR, someone to beef up the Right Side of the line - maybe Willie Colon, Alex Barron, or Jamall Brown if he opts out(would be an amazing signing)
    4. Draft... Round 1 - Eric Berry FS, Tenn.. if there if not Joe Haden CB, Florida
    Round 2 - Navarro Bowman OLB, PSU (great LB, top rated OLB, might slip due to off field incidents..amazing pick if he falls this far)
    Round 2 - Brandon Graham DE/OLB, MICH great pass rusher
    Round 3 - Selvish Capers OT, WVU
    Round 4 - Sean Lee LB, PSU(Amazing player, might drop this far due to knee injury)
    Round 5 - Tim Hiller QB, Western Michigan
    Round 5 - Ed Dickson TE, Oregon or Dennis Pitta TE, BYU
    Round 5 - Dezmond Briscoe WR, Kansas
    Round 6 - LeGarrette Blount RB, Oregon
    Round 6 - Brandon Carter OG, Texas Tech
    Round 7 - Aaron Petrey K, Ohio St

    I personally like this as our picks if possible, let me know what you think Jeremy Poe... You could even email me if you wanted to chat Browns with me, im always lookin at shit, im diehard just like u bro... let me kno if you'd want my email - Matt, Erie,pa

  6. Considering Taylor Mays is a fringe first rounder, I'd find it hard to believe that we'd look at him with the #7 pick.

    As for the 25th pick in the 2nd round, I can guarantee you that Jerry Hughes will not be there. He's currently a top 15-20 prospect, and could slide to the bottom of the first round. I'll be very surprised if he makes it to the 2nd round. He's the next DeMarcus Ware.

    Other than that, you did a pretty good job.

  7. If we get your first choices at each pick I am excited. Building a dominating defense to go against our division opponents makes my day. Adding SHipley & Arenas to Cribbs -Look out!
    Special teams will outscore every average NFL offense. Dez Bryant will never get drafted by Mangini. He will only acquire high character guys
    that is why Braylon (Scissorshands) and K-2 are gone. Now if Toby Gerhart falls in our lap I won't complain. He could do some serious damage against the division-- the real physical kind.
    Get ready Browns fans the real fun is about to begin.