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Mangini Back In 2010

January 7, 2009

Did you miss me?

Sorry I have been gone. I have been on something like a vacation. Regardless, I am back.

So is Eric Mangini, for 2010 at least.

I think it's the right move. I am in the pro-Mangini camp. I just wish George Kokinis were still here so I could shout "ManKok" at will. I still do yell "ManKok" at will, it's just weirder now. Anyway, if you hate Mangini and think he should have been gone allow me to make my best argument for why Mangini returning in 2010 is the right move. I call it the Gruden Hypothetical.

There are two coaches of note out there with Super Bowl rings. One of them 1) has a long and good history with new SuperBrown Mike Holmgren, 2) grew up a die hard Browns fan, and 3) will NOT coach in 2010. That's Jon Gruden. If Mangini had been fired and Holmgren brought in "his guy," Holmgren couldn't have turned around and fired "his guy" after 2010 is Gruden decided he wanted to return to the sidelines in Cleveland. Other than Gruden, there is no one out there who 1) is clearly better than Mangini and 2) makes sense with Mike Holmgren. (Note: Cowher and Holmgren makes no sense together. There would be an inevitable battle of power. That's a bad thing.) So if you can't get Gruden right now, Mangini is the best choice. Also it leaves the door open for getting Gruden for 2011.

So that's my Gruden Hypothetical. Essentially that you can't get Gruden for 2011 if you hire someone else for 2010 and Gruden is the best guy out there for this team. None of this matters if Mangini wins in 2010. I also think he just might find some success in 2010.

Let me be clear, I do not think the Browns are going to the playoffs in 2010. I do think 8-8 is a real possibility, 8-8 while moving in the right direction no less. I'll have more thoughts on the Browns off season in the not too distant future.

Oh, one last quick thought: $1.4 million per season for Josh Cribbs? Really Mike? Give Josh $4 million per year, make him happy, make the fans happy, and make sure Josh stays in a Browns uniform. Just do it already. This is just stupid.

Jack Bacevice

1 comment:

  1. I do think you're on the right track. Holmgren wasn't going to can Mangini after one year. Give him another year, and then see what Gruden says.
    Sorry, I am not a Browns fan, I am a Philly Eagles fan, but I would like to see the Browns get on track and take out the Steelers!
    Good Luck!
    Tom from Philly