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Billionaire backed Browns will produce championships

By Adam Doc Fox

Since the death of his father in 2002, the fans have negatively viewed Randy Lerner as a man who inherited ownership, as opposed to one that sought out and wanted it. Based on his consistently horrible hirings, the City of Cleveland has been left thinking Lerner is no more than a spoiled boy playing with dad’s big toys.

But Randy Lerner’s been learning, evolving.

After studying at Clare College in England, Lerner became immersed in the business side of soccer. In 2006 (after only owning the Browns for four years!), Lerner bought a 65% share of the football (soccer) club, Aston Villa. One month later, after naming himself Chairman of the Board, Lerner had an 85% share in the club.
Under the Lerner reign, Aston Villa went from 16th place in the league in 2005-06, to 11th, then 6th, and his club is currently points off securing a place in the world’s most prolific soccer tournament, the Champions League. Now with Villa finally rolling, Lerner can now focus his attention on his inherited Cleveland Browns.

Based on the past eight years of his ownership, no one is quite ready to believe or have much faith in Lerner. However, Lerner entered a maniac English sports league with over a hundred years of tradition (if you think the New York media is tuff, try London), and is doing quite well. How? Spending money and understanding people who truly know the sport should be making the decisions. Lerner paid to bring in players and coaches that knew that game, and they brought success to “The Villains.” He now knows that same formula will work in the NFL.

Lerner doesn’t want one or two humans running his organization (e.g., Savage/Crennel or Kokinis/Mangini). He now realizes he needs a multi-pack. The Browns have stolen a coach from Seattle, a GM from Philly, a president from Miami, and now, the only thing missing is money.
Sure the draft will be relied upon, but if it’s an open market, now that Villa is bringing in money and doing well, Lerner will be cutting checks just like the one he wrote to secure Holmgren in Cleveland.
Life is running out on Randy Lerner, and he will soon have to make the Browns a winner, even if he has to buy a team, to fulfill the promise he made to his now deceased father, that he must make the Browns a championship team once again.

By Adam Doc Fox

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