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Browns-Titans Connection

In Erie, PA I have a unique view of NFL football.

As you've read in a previous blog, Erie is pretty equidistant from Cleveland, Buffalo and Pittsburgh so we have fans of all teams wandering around.

The Steelers are the evil empire to both Browns and (to a lesser extent) Bills fans and we've always shared a common bond.  Both of our teams are from cold weather towns that are struggling economically and their respective teams are the center of their sports universe.

I know Cleveland has the Indians and Cavaliers and Buffalo has the Sabres but having visited both cities extensively, I can tell you that Browns/Bills football to their respective fan bases is EVERYTHING.

So, there's always been a kindred spirit there.

Lately I've been talking to a RABID Titans fan named Ellen and she knows her stuff.  I've been very impressed by her sports knowledge and she loves the Titans as much as I love the Browns.  She went into great detail about how she showed up at every Tennessee playoff game during their last Super Bowl run starting with "The Music City Miracle."

I could feel her pain as she was talking about how the Titans came up just short in the big game and it reminded me of how the Browns have been close but no cigar in my time as a fan.

When you think about it, both franchises have been equally star crossed (although the Titans have a tad more success since they've actually gotten to a Super Bowl).


-If Ellen is any indication neither fan base has any love for the Steelers.  I suppose that goes back to the Luv Ya Blue Houston Oilers days when they regularly fell just short in AFC Title games to Pittsburgh.  Even to this day a Titans/Steelers game is a heated affair.

-Both franchises were moved.  Cleveland went to Baltimore and then was replaced with an expansion team.  Houston was a gypsy for many years before settling in Tennessee.

-The 2 organizations just can't seem to find a QB lately.  They get good play for a little while (Kerry Collins 2008 for Tennessee and Derek Anderson 2007 for the Browns) but mainly the position is in flux.

-Their best years always seem to be behind them.  Tennessee had it's best chance to win a title with Steve McNair (R.I.P.) and Eddie George and Cleveland with Bernie Kosar and Kevin Mack/Ernest Byner.

-Both of them are usually the bridesmaid and not the bride in their own divisions.  Tennessee always seems to be looking up at Indianapolis and Cleveland continually chases Pittsburgh.

I'm sure you could come up with more on your own.  Maybe we as Browns fans have some more kindred spirit friends than we originally thought.

To the state of Tennessee, let me speak for Browns Nation when I say:


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